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One Fool Makes Many

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By: (1610-1686)

One Fool Makes Many by Antonio de Solís is a captivating and thought-provoking novel that explores the consequences of a single foolish decision. The story follows the protagonist as he makes a series of misguided choices that ultimately lead to a chain reaction of chaos and misunderstanding.

Solís skillfully weaves together multiple storylines and characters, painting a vivid picture of the repercussions of one man's folly on the lives of those around him. The novel is filled with rich descriptions and intricate details that bring the setting and characters to life.

What truly sets One Fool Makes Many apart is its exploration of themes such as pride, hubris, and the unpredictability of human nature. Solís delves deep into the psychology of his characters, highlighting the ways in which their flaws and desires shape their actions and relationships.

Overall, One Fool Makes Many is a compelling and insightful read that will leave readers reflecting on the power of individual choices and the interconnectedness of our lives. Solís's masterful storytelling and thematic depth make this a novel well worth reading.

Book Description:
"I will discuss this matter in an allegory: ... There was once upon a time a man, and he had a sister; and this said sister, she had a brother; and so this sister fell in love with another brother, and he had another sister; and one day what should she do, but take it into her head to run away with him? So then, after that, the brother, from whom the sister had been stolen, stole the sister of the thief. Now will you be pleased to tell us whether it would be best, in such a case, that each man should have his own again, or that each should keep what belonged to his neighbor?" - Summary by The Play Cast list: Don Lewis: Greg Giordano Don Diego: Adrian Stephens Don Cosmo Mendieta: ToddHW Martin, Don Lewis's Servant: Andrew Gaunce Juancho, Don Cosmo's Servant: Alan Mapstone Donna Anna, Sister of Don Diego: Annie Mars Donna Isabella, Sister of Don Cosmo: Jenn Broda Juana, Donna Anna's Maid: WendyKatzHiller Ines, Donna Isabella's Maid: Sonia Stage Directions: Larry Wilson Editing: ToddHW

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