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Stories of the Cave People

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By: (1877-1922)

Stories of the Cave People by Mary Marcy offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of early humans through a collection of imaginative and vividly written short stories. The author's detailed descriptions of the landscapes, daily routines, and interpersonal relationships of the cave people draw the reader in and bring this ancient world to life.

Each story in the collection offers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs faced by these early humans, from hunting for food to navigating social hierarchies within the tribe. Marcy's skillful storytelling and rich character development make it easy to empathize with these cave dwellers and understand the complexities of their lives.

While the stories are fictional, they are based on solid research and provide a compelling portrayal of what life may have been like for our ancestors thousands of years ago. Readers with an interest in anthropology, history, or simply a love of well-crafted storytelling will find much to enjoy in Stories of the Cave People. This book is a captivating and thought-provoking read that will linger in the reader's mind long after the final page is turned.

Book Description:
"In this little book I have sought, in a series of stories or sketches, to present only the first steps in human progress. Man has risen from a stage of lowest savagery, little higher than the apes, buffeted by the hand of Nature, dependent upon the wild game he might kill or the food he found ready to hand, a fearing and a furtive creature of the forests and of the plains, preyed upon by a thousand stronger foes, to a being able to provide warmth and clothing and shelter against the rains and the cold and food against the seasons. He has become a master instead of a plaything of the elements. In a large measure he has become arbiter of his own food supply and, hence, his own destiny. He has subjugated, in a marvelous degree, the forces of Nature and harnessed them to his needs." - Summary by the author

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