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Count of Monte Cristo (version 3)

Book cover
By: (1802-1870)

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo is an adventure novel and one of the author's most popular works. He completed the work in 1844. The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and in the Levant during the historical events of 1815-1838 (from just before the Hundred Days to the reign of Louis-Philippe of France). It deals with themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy and forgiveness. The book is considered a literary classic today.

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Reviews (Rated: 4 Stars - 36 reviews)

Reviewer: - March 19, 2019
Subject: Readers
Chip from Florida is amazing! Pity there wasn't more of his reading! The Russian lady and at times the Asian college student were so hard to understand I had to go find a copy of the book and read those chapters to fill in.
Reviewer: - January 29, 2019
great story, great readers! the alternative readings solve previous problems with understanding foreign accents
Reviewer: - November 29, 2017
Subject: Hard To Understand
Its hard to understand..
Reviewer: - July 28, 2017
Subject: grate reading of david clark
i enjoy the acting reading, the story the book... very good. i am sure that if i would have start tesding bymiself not listening i would have abandon it after few chapters... thanks for making me enjoy it.
Reviewer: - May 14, 2017
Subject: Readers
Some of the readers where very hard to understand and required these chapters to be listened to a couple of times to maintain the plot this distracted from the enjoyment.
Reviewer: - April 19, 2017
Subject: Montecristo rocks
Awesome classic, lonnngggg by worth every minute
Reviewer: - November 12, 2016
Subject: Great story - .pity about the readers
I nearly gave up after Chapter 6 - as I couldn't understand the non-English accents. Yes they are volunteers BUT there should be some screening for intelligibility.
Reviewer: - May 22, 2016
Subject: Great read
Excellent book, cleverly crafted. Well read.
Reviewer: - December 10, 2015
Subject: Such a great story...
Ok what everyone has said is true, some of the readers are awful, truly, you have to strain to understand them. But most of them are passable and even great and the story is so amazing I personally thought it was well worth it!
Reviewer: - October 17, 2015
Subject: Great story and mostly great readers
Enjoyed almost all the readersame but a few chapters were hard to get through but since its voulenteers I appreciate it all
Reviewer: - August 26, 2015
Subject: Great Story...but
Unfortunate that some narrators are very hard to understand. Taking away from the storyline.
Reviewer: - July 22, 2015
Subject: Readers
i made it to chapter 8, the first reader was good and got me going. the 2nd made it come to life. the following reader, I am so sorry to say it sounds like a great book. but can not continue because of the readers that have been taken up.
Reviewer: - March 18, 2015
Subject: 90% great readers
Do NOT miss this book because of 10% of it's readers. Read along so you don't get lost, if you can. The other fine readers will fill you in enough as the wonderful story unfolds. The 10% might make you cry, but this book should not be missed. Thank you PS 90% is an "A"!!
Reviewer: - February 23, 2015
Subject: readers
I love this book. But, depending who is reading, it becomes a completely different book altoghether. Some readers are so good, that I would pay money for having him reading the entire book. Others are not bad, but when a flat voice, with a strong foreign accent misreading the book appears, I cry. If Dumas could hear....
Reviewer: - February 12, 2015
Subject: Here is a much better reading
One of the best readings I have ever heard.
Reviewer: - November 9, 2014
Subject: readers
I realize that these readers are volunteers but whoever is making the final decision on what we end up with should be fired. I challenge anyone not familiar with the story to get through chapter 36 and know what the heck is going on. Not only is her English horrific but she is reading so fast that understanding her is impossible.
Reviewer: - October 26, 2014
People that have English as a second language should not be aloud to read for this . since my eyes stopped working as they should this is the only way i can listen to my favorite story's chapter 25 is very very bad
Reviewer: - June 9, 2014
Subject: Readers
As stated below many times best book ever, so it is really sad that some of the readers massacred this story by their narration...
Reviewer: - June 9, 2014
Subject: ESL
Readers who have English as a second language make this book difficult to listen to. There are many excellent readers but those with ESL make it very hard at times to follow this magnificent story.
Reviewer: - May 10, 2014
Subject: Great book!
This is such a great book and often found myself staying up past midnight listening. I do have to say that some of the readers really were bad and the thought crossed my mind more than once that they were reading a chapter as a part of an English as a Second Language class assignment. I wouldn't let the reading discourage you though. This was worth it and the reading gradually got better. Five stars for the book, three for the reading.
Reviewer: - April 15, 2014
Subject: The Count of Monte Cristo
The book is very good but some of the readers make it impossible to keep track it got 20 hours in and had to give up really was a struggle to keep track. There is a perfect copy on a well known pirate site i found. so i listened to the full book so glad i did. Really is a amazing book
Reviewer: - March 25, 2014
Subject: Readers
The book is excellent. However, some of the readers do not have an excellent command of the English language and made it difficult to listen to portions of the book. Those with less than perfect English should not volunteer to read. Ultimately, it provides a less than desirable listening experience.
Reviewer: - November 30, 2013
Subject: Book
This is an awesome book, I loved the first part especially, although the revenge is pretty sweet too. I liked the ending also, overall probably my favorite book. Alexandre Dumas is the man!
Reviewer: - September 13, 2013
Subject: Fanastic - but could be improved
This is an amazing story, very much worth following through to the end. Some of the readers are quite fantastic and it was great to hear such an array of voices. However, I concur with past comments that certain chapters may need to be re-recorded. I hate to draw attention to one reader in particular, but the voice of the 25th chapter, who may be from Portugal, is one of the hardest to comprehend. I get the impression she struggles with the meaning of certain words which are not expressed correctly and appear to be glossed over too quickly. I don't mean to offend, I think she does overall a great service by volunteering, and her recordings improve throughout the book. Still, chapter 25 demonstrates how hard it can be to follow the story line.
Reviewer: - August 29, 2013
I wish I could hear this fascinating story everyone is talking about! I am afraid I got lost in all the terrible narration starting in the 5th chapter area. I tried to push through but I just gave up.
Reviewer: - July 19, 2013
Subject: Amazing
I haven't listened to it here but I've read it 3 times. I absolutely love it!!!
Reviewer: - July 17, 2013
Subject: Hard to Listen Too
Was enjoying the book but after about the 28th chapter I couldn't understand the accent of the reader, I had to stop listing to it because I couldn't understand It.
Reviewer: - June 5, 2013
Subject: Unlistenable
Early chapters were good. The readers in the middle had a French accent that made it impossible to understand most of it. Finally had to give up and borrow it from the library.
Reviewer: - May 31, 2013
Yes! A great book. Readers are mostly good, but the story really is the best part of this.
Reviewer: - May 20, 2013
Subject: Excellent
Very long, but very good intertwined story.
Reviewer: - April 21, 2013
Subject: Great Book
This was a great book for me.
Reviewer: - April 16, 2013
Subject: Great Book
I agree that it was hard to understand a few of the readers.. Unfortunate..
Reviewer: - April 15, 2013
Subject: Good book. Questionable recording.
As the previous reviewers have said. The book is quite excellent, but some of the narrators are just not good. The first two are okay and they last you to chapter 5, but after that the third reader makes listening quite unbearable.
Reviewer: - February 28, 2013
Subject: Excellent Story. I do recommend this!!!
As describe in other reviews some chapters are hard to listen to because of the strong accents of some readers. But you get so involved that you can get past it. The story holds your attention and is very thrilling
Reviewer: - February 20, 2013
Subject: Great Book - This reading is hard to listen to.
Although this is such a great book, this reading is very difficult to listen to at times. Instead of the entire book being read by one reader, chapters are read by different readers. Some of the chapters are great because the reader has an excellent command of the English language. While some, are not so good. The combination of, at times, poor quality audio as well as the heavy accent of the reader makes it hard to understand. These chapters are not enjoyable. And just when you think that you've gotten through a chapter and hope that you never hear this person speak again, they are again reading a few chapters later. Although I do appreciate the effort of the readers, I would not recommend this to anyone.
Reviewer: - February 18, 2013
I can't get past the second reader. They mispronounce things and I find that the midwestern accent just doesn't really work with the material in this case.

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