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Faerie Queene (version 2)

Book cover
By: (1552-1599)

Faerie Queene (version 2) by Edmund Spenser is a captivating epic poem that weaves together themes of chivalry, virtue, and romance. The intricate plot follows the adventures of various knights as they embark on quests to protect their kingdom and uphold the values of the Arthurian court.

Spenser's poetic style is rich and ornate, filled with vivid imagery and allegorical references. The characters are well-developed and each embody different virtues or vices, adding depth and complexity to the story. The poem also touches on relevant political and social issues of the time, making it a thought-provoking work that continues to resonate with readers today.

While the language may be challenging for some modern readers, the overall beauty and complexity of Faerie Queene (version 2) make it a rewarding read for those willing to delve into its depths. Spenser's imaginative world-building and vivid storytelling make this epic poem a timeless classic that has stood the test of time.

Book Description:
Spenser planned a 24-book romance-epic consisting of two parts, of which he completed half of the first. The first twelve books were to illustrate the development of virtues within the individual soul, and the second twelve were to depict the application of these moral virtues to remedying evils that afflict the world. Each of the first set of quests was to begin at the court of the Fairy Queen, Gloriana, and the knights were to return thither after having defeated some foe representing a personal weakness. Having thus proved themselves, they were qualified to undertake the second quests, in the world. The neat plan becomes somewhat muddled by Book 3, which nevertheless contains the philosophical core of the poem's allegorical structure: the Platonic notion that love (grace) unifies the cosmos and draws the will, through the pursuit of beauty, into virtuous action, returning to God at last in worship. The plot structure of the poem is rich and complex, with many strands interlinked and overlapping, each replete with allegorical significance.

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