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Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great

Book cover
By: (1707-1754)

The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great is a whimsical and entertaining tale that follows the adventures of the tiny and heroic Tom Thumb. Henry Fielding's witty and satirical writing style shines through as he tells the story of Tom's remarkable feats and encounters with various larger-than-life characters.

The book is filled with clever wordplay and clever commentary on society, making it a fun read for both children and adults. The character of Tom Thumb is endearing and dynamic, and readers will root for him as he navigates his way through a world where size doesn't determine strength.

Overall, The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great is a delightful and imaginative story that will capture the hearts of readers of all ages. Henry Fielding's unique storytelling and humorous tone make this book a timeless classic that is sure to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Book Description:
Tom Thumb, small of stature, great of heart. This play was written as a parody of the tragic heroic biography of a great man, filled with biting satire as to people and events of the time. Note as warned by the title that this is not a happy-ending fairy tale. Supposedly Jane Austen put on a family performance of this play. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: King Arthur, a passionate sort of king, husband to queen Dollallolla, of whom he stands a little in fear; father to Huncamunca, whom he is very fond of, and in love with Glumdalca: ToddHW Tom Thumb the Great, a little hero with a great soul, something violent in his temper, which is a little abated by his love for Huncamunca: Matthew Reece Ghost of Gaffer Thumb, a whimsical sort of ghost: Andrew Gaunce Lord Grizzle, extremely zealous for the liberty of the subject, very cholerick in his temper, and in love with Huncamunca: Alan Mapstone Merlin, a conjurer, and in some sort father to Tom Thumb: Wayne Cooke Noodle, courtier in place, and consequently of that party that is uppermost: Andrew James Doodle, courtier in place, and consequently of that party that is uppermost: Adrian Stephens Foodle, a courtier that is out of place, and consequently of that party that is undermost: Linda Olsen Fitak Bailiff of the party of the plaintiff: Pier Follower of the party of the plaintiff: Tomas Peter Parson, of the side of the church: David Purdy Queen Dollallolla, wife to king Arthur, and mother to Huncamunca, a woman intirely faultless, saving that she is a little given to drink, a little too much a virago towards her husband, and in love with Tom Thumb: Sonia The Princess Huncamunca, daughter to their majesties king Arthur and queen Dollallolla, of a very sweet, gentle, and amorous disposition, equally in love with Lord Grizzle and Tom Thumb, and desirous to be married to them both: Jenn Broda Glumdalca, of the giants, a captive queen, beloved by the king, but in love with Tom Thumb: TriciaG Cleora, maid of honour in love with Noodle: Devorah Allen Mustacha, maid of honour in love with Doodle: Shreya Sethi Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs Editing: ToddHW

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