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Tragedy of King Richard II (version 2)

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By: (1564-1616)

Tragedy of King Richard II (version 2) by William Shakespeare is a powerful and evocative play that explores the downfall of a once-great monarch. The story is filled with political intrigue, betrayal, and ultimately, tragedy.

Shakespeare's masterful use of language brings the characters and their emotions to life on stage. The dialogue is sharp and poignant, with each line adding depth to the characters and the plot.

The themes of power, loyalty, and duty are central to the play, as Richard II struggles to maintain his grip on the throne while facing challenges from his enemies and former allies. The internal conflict of the protagonist is palpable, as he grapples with his own flaws and the consequences of his decisions.

Overall, Tragedy of King Richard II (version 2) is a compelling and thought-provoking play that resonates with audiences today. Shakespeare's timeless exploration of human nature and the consequences of hubris make this a must-read for anyone interested in classic literature.

Book Description:
Billed by scholars as the first part of the all-encompassing Henriad, Richard II is a richly satisfying probe into the inner workings of monarchical rule and its evolution from being seen as divinely held to a more modern conception that incorporates political cunning. Shakespeare positions the titular Richard in the former position, his shortcomings as England's leader made all too clear when he bungles the handling of a judicial duel, and then later seizes money and assets that are not rightfully his in order to fund an Irish war. At the opposite end is the Machiavellian opportunist Henry Bolingbroke, who assembles enough supporters to help him dethrone the king and become the future Henry IV—the protagonist of the next two plays in this historical series. Written entirely in verse and containing some of the Bard's most florid and evocative language, Richard II never fails to transport its audience back to its time, where the furious machinations of government and kingly rule could be as captivating and intense as any battlefield siege.And to perform it all? Three men and one woman , determined to give you a performance of Shakespeare's work that you will never forget. You thought you knew your Shakespeare? Well, think again! - Summary by Tomas Peter Brad “Hamlet” Filippone: Narrator; Henry Bolingbroke; Earl of Salisbury; Bushy; Abbot of Westminster; York’s Servant; Exton’s Servant; Gardener’s Servant; Another Lord. Sonia: Richard II; Richard’s Queen; Duchess of York; Duchess of Gloucester; Lord Berkeley; Lord Ross; Lord Fitzwater; Second Herald. Tomas Peter: Duke of York; Duke of Aumerle; Thomas Mowbray; Green; Henry Percy; Sir Pierce of Exton; Lord Willoughby; First Herald; Queen’s Attendant; Stable Groom. Craig Franklin: John of Gaunt; Earl of Northumberland; Bagot; Duke of Surrey; Bishop of Carlisle; Sir Stephen Scroop; Lord Marshal; Gardener; Welsh Captain; Keeper.

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