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The Works of Tacitus Vol. I, edited, translated, and with essays by Thomas Gordon

The Works of Tacitus Vol. I, edited, translated, and with essays by Thomas Gordon by Tacitus, Publius Cornelius
By: (c. 56-117)

In this comprehensive collection of Tacitus' works, readers are treated to a wealth of historical and political insight from one of Rome's greatest historians. Thomas Gordon's editing and translation bring clarity and accessibility to Tacitus' often dense prose, allowing readers to delve deep into the political machinations and personal dramas of ancient Rome.

The inclusion of essays by Gordon further enhance the reading experience, providing valuable context and analysis of Tacitus' work. From the tumultuous reigns of the Julio-Claudian emperors to the intrigue and betrayal of the Year of the Four Emperors, Tacitus brings to life the turbulent times of early Imperial Rome with vivid detail and keen insight.

For anyone interested in Roman history or the art of historical writing, this collection is a must-read. Tacitus' sharp observations and cutting wit shine through in every page, offering a compelling and illuminating glimpse into the past. Highly recommended for both scholars and general readers alike.

Book Description:

The historical works of Tacitus are a history of the period from A.D. 14 to 96 in thirty volumes. Although many of the works were lost (only books 1-5 of the Histories and 1-6 and 11-16 of the Annals survive), enough remains to provide a good sense of Tacitus’s political and moral philosophy.

Tacitus recognized the necessity for strong rulers but argued that more should be done to manage the succession of power and allow for the ascension of talent. He asserted that it was the dynastic ambitions of Rome’s many emperors that caused the decline of moral and political life and precluded the possibility of recruiting leaders of real ability. Moreover, the dynastic temptation caused political instability because military force was now required for political change. His works point to the necessity of systematic institutional restraints on power for the preservation of liberty.

Gordon’s translation and his lengthy Discourses on Tacitus bring Tacitus’ ideas up to date and apply them to the British state of the early 18th century. (Description from Online Library of Liberty)

This is the first of four volumes of Gordon’s Tacitus edition.

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