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By: Richard Darlington

Book cover A Full Description of the Great Tornado in Chester County, Pa.

By: William Alonzo Allen (1848-)

Book cover The Sheep Eaters

By: William Biggs (1755-1827)

Book cover Narrative of the Captivity of William Biggs among the Kickapoo Indians in Illinois in 1788

By: James Henry Rochelle (1826-1889)

Book cover Life of Rear Admiral John Randolph Tucker

By: M. J. (Michael Joseph) Canavan

Book cover Ben Comee A Tale of Rogers's Rangers, 1758-59

By: George H. Pettis (1834-)

Book cover Frontier service during the rebellion or, A history of Company K, First Infantry, California Volunteers

By: Frederick W. Browne

Book cover My Service in the U.S. Colored Cavalry A Paper Read before the Ohio Commandery of the Loyal Legion, March 4, 1908

By: Theodore Reichardt

Book cover Diary of Battery A, First Regiment Rhode Island Light Artillery

By: C. C. James (1863-1916)

History of Farming in Ontario by C. C. James History of Farming in Ontario

This paper takes the reader through the early settlement from 1783 to the modern period of 1888-1912. We see how farming and farm industries developed and how the population was distributed during these times. We see the trends of settlers moving into the Urban centers instead of rural and how the farm industries (making cheese, butter, wool, etc) move off the farm to the city factories. Excerpt: “The farmer’s wife in those days was perhaps the most expert master of trades ever known. She could spin and weave, make a carpet or a rug, dye yarns and clothes, and make a straw hat or a birch broom...

By: A. J. (Augustine J.) O'Reilly

Book cover Alvira, the Heroine of Vesuvius

By: William Gardner (1861-)

Book cover Life of Stephen A. Douglas

By: Frederic Shoberl (1775-1853)

Book cover Narrative of the Most Remarkable Events Which Occurred In and Near Leipzig Immediately Before, During, And Subsequent To, The Sanguinary Series Of Engagements Between The Allied Armies Of The French, From The 14th To The 19th October, 1813

By: William J. Smyth

Book cover Mound-Builders

By: Anne C. E. (Anne Crosby Emery) Allinson (1871-1932)

Book cover Roads from Rome

By: Karl Nordlund (1871-)

Book cover The Swedish-Norwegian Union Crisis A History with Documents

By: John R. Kinnear

Book cover History of the Eighty-sixth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, during its term of service

By: William Lawson Grant (1872-1935)

Book cover Chronicles of Canada Volume 26 - The Tribune of Nova Scotia: A Chronicle of Joseph Howe

Joseph Howe (1804-1873) was one of Nova Scotia's greatest and best-loved politicians. He was instrumental in helping Nova Scotia become the first British colony to win responsible government in 1848. A Liberal, he fought against Canadian Confederation. This work highlights his life and causes.

By: David Wendel Yandell (1826-1898)

Book cover Pioneer Surgery in Kentucky A Sketch

By: T. A. (Thomas Alexander) Lacey (1853-1931)

Book cover The Acts of Uniformity Their Scope and Effect

By: David James Burrell (1844-1926)

Book cover The Centurion's Story

By: Chester Milton Sanford (1872-)

Book cover Modern Americans A Biographical School Reader for the Upper Grades

By: John Lewis (1858-1935)

Book cover George Brown

By: Charles Henry Eden (1839-1900)

Book cover Australian Search Party

By: William Bray (1736-1832)

Book cover The Diary of William Bray: extracts

By: Joseph Ernest Morris

Book cover Beautiful Europe: Belgium

By: L. H. (Lell Hawley) Woolley (1825-)

Book cover California, 1849-1913; or, the rambling sketches and experiences of sixty-four years' residence in that state

By: Stephen Palfrey Webb (1804-1879)

Book cover A Sketch of the Causes, Operations and Results of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee of 1856

By: Mildred Stapley Byne (1875-1941)

Book cover Christopher Columbus

By: Edward Francis Wilson (1844-1915)

Book cover Missionary Work Among the Ojebway Indians

By: Madame de (Henriette Elizabeth) Witt (1829-1908)

Book cover World's Best Histories — Volume 7: France

By: G. Whitfield Ray

Book cover Through Five Republics on Horseback, Being an Account of Many Wanderings in South America

By: Francesco Saverio Nitti (1868-1953)

Book cover Peaceless Europe

By: Agénor Gasparin (1810-1871)

Book cover The Uprising of a Great People The United States in 1861. to Which is Added a Word of Peace on the Difference Between England the United States.

By: William Heaford Daubney

Book cover The Three Additions to Daniel, a Study

By: Matilda Coxe Evans Stevenson (1849-1915)

Book cover The Religious Life of the Zuñi Child

By: T. M. (Thomas Mears) Eddy (1823-1874)

Book cover Abraham Lincoln A Memorial Discourse

By: D. H. S. (David Herbert Somerset) Cranage (1866-1957)

Book cover The War and Unity Being Lectures Delivered At The Local Lectures Summer Meeting Of The University Of Cambridge, 1918

By: Edmund John Kennedy (-1915)

Book cover With The Immortal Seventh Division

By: Alexander Campbell (1822-1892)

Book cover General Instructions For The Guidance Of Post Office Inspectors In The Dominion Of Canada

By: Charlotte Ouisconsin Clark Van Cleve (1819-1907)

Book cover 'Three Score Years and Ten' Life-Long Memories of Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and Other Parts of the West

By: Josiah Quincy (1772-1864)

Book cover Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams.

By: E. Donald (Edmund Donald) Carr (-1900)

Book cover A Night in the Snow or, A Struggle for Life

By: Benjamin Perley Poore (1820-1887)

Book cover Perley's Reminiscences, v. 1-2 of Sixty Years in the National Metropolis

By: James Edgar Allen

Book cover The Battle of Bayan and Other Battles

By: Hugh Binning (1627-1653)

Book cover The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning

By: Lawrence Thomas Cole (1869-)

Book cover The Basis of Early Christian Theism

By: Milo S. Hascall (1829-1904)

Book cover Personal recollections and experiences concerning the Battle of Stone River

By: John F. (John Fairfield) Dryden (1839-1911)

Book cover The American Type of Isthmian Canal Speech by Hon. John Fairfield Dryden in the Senate of the United States, June 14, 1906

By: Edward Alva Trueblood

Book cover In the Flash Ranging Service Observations of an American Soldier During His Service With the A.E.F. in France

By: John G. (John George) Edgar (1834-1864)

Book cover The Boy Crusaders A Story of the Days of Louis IX.

By: Samuel A. (Samuel Abbott) Green (1830-1918)

Book cover Piracy off the Florida Coast and Elsewhere

By: Charles H. Clarke

Book cover History of Company F, 1st Regiment, R.I. Volunteers, during the Spring and Summer of 1861

By: Martin I. (Martin Ingham) Townsend (1810-1903)

Book cover Prehistoric Structures of Central America Who Erected Them?

By: Harry Perry Robinson (1859-1930)

Book cover The Twentieth Century American Being a Comparative Study of the Peoples of the Two Great Anglo-Saxon Nations

By: Augustus Le Plongeon (1826-1908)

Book cover Vestiges of the Mayas or, Facts Tending to Prove that Communications and Intimate Relations Must Have Existed, in very Remote Times, Between the Inhabitants of Mayab and Those of Asia and Africa

By: James Milne (1865-1951)

Book cover The Black Colonel
Book cover The Romance of a Pro-Consul Being The Personal Life And Memoirs Of The Right Hon. Sir George Grey, K.C.B.

By: Lord Dufferin (1826-1902)

Book cover Letters from High Latitudes

By: John Francis Davis (1859-1930)

Book cover California Romantic and Resourceful A plea for the collection, preservation and diffusion of information relating to Pacific coast history

By: John Buffa (-1812)

Book cover Travels through the Empire of Morocco

By: Henry H. S. Pearse (1844-1905)

Book cover Four Months Besieged The Story of Ladysmith

By: Alpheus Henry Snow (1859-1920)

Book cover "Colony,"--or "Free State"? "Dependence,"--or "Just Connection"? "Empire,"--or "Union"?

By: Joshua Coffin (1792-1864)

Book cover An Account of Some of the Principal Slave Insurrections, and Others, Which Have Occurred, or Been Attempted, in the United States and Elsewhere, During the Last Two Centuries.

By: Robert MacMicking

Book cover Recollections of Manilla and the Philippines During 1848, 1849 and 1850

By: James Fairfax McLaughlin (1839-1903)

Book cover The American Cyclops, the Hero of New Orleans, and Spoiler of Silver Spoons

By: T. B. (Thomas Boyles) Murray (1798-1860)

Book cover Kalli, the Esquimaux Christian A Memoir

By: William A. Spicer (1845-1913)

Book cover The Flag Replaced on Sumter A Personal Narrative

By: James Hannay (1842-1910)

Book cover Wilmot and Tilley

By: James Francis Barrett (1888-1934)

Book cover The Loyalist A Story of the American Revolution

By: Wm. Audley (William Audley) Maxwell (-1921)

Book cover Crossing the Plains, Days of '57 A Narrative of Early Emigrant Travel to California by the Ox-team Method

By: William Benjamin West

Book cover The Fight for the Argonne Personal Experiences of a 'Y' Man

By: Frederick R. (Frederick Ritchie) Bechdolt (1874-1950)

Book cover When the West Was Young

By: W. G. Windham

Book cover Notes in North Africa Being a Guide to the Sportsman and Tourist in Algeria and Tunisia

By: G. P. R. (George Payne Rainsford) James (1801-1860)

Book cover The King's Highway

By: Henry Craik (1846-1927)

Book cover Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon — Volume 02

By: J. R. (John Robert) Hutchinson

Book cover The Press-Gang Afloat and Ashore

By: Joseph Francis Ladue (1855-1900)

Book cover Klondyke Nuggets A Brief Description of the Great Gold Regions in the Northwest

By: Innes Logan

Book cover On the King's Service Inward Glimpses of Men at Arms

By: Richard Henry Stoddard (1825-1903)

Book cover Abraham Lincoln An Horatian Ode

By: J. Wardle

Book cover General Gordon Saint and Soldier

By: William Wagstaffe (1685-1725)

Book cover Parodies of Ballad Criticism (1711-1787)

By: James H. (James Henry) Coyne (1849-)

Book cover The Country of the Neutrals (As Far As Comprised in the County of Elgin), From Champlain to Talbot

By: I. I. (Isaac Israel) Hayes (1832-1881)

Book cover Cast Away in the Cold An Old Man's Story of a Young Man's Adventures, as Related by Captain John Hardy, Mariner

By: Francis Bowen (1811-1890)

Book cover A Theory of Creation: A Review of 'Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation'

By: Thurman William Van Metre (1884-1961)

Book cover Outline of the development of the internal commerce of the United States 1789-1900

By: Johann Gottfried Haensel

Book cover Letters on the Nicobar islands, their natural productions, and the manners, customs, and superstitions of the natives with an account of an attempt made by the Church of the United Brethren, to convert them to Christianity

By: Cydnor Bailey Tompkins (1810-1862)

Book cover Slavery: What it was, what it has done, what it intends to do Speech of Hon. Cydnor B. Tompkins, of Ohio

By: Samuel George Morton (1799-1851)

Book cover Some Observations on the Ethnography and Archaeology of the American Aborigines

By: Edward Money

Book cover The Truth About America

By: Orlando P. Cutter

Book cover Our Battery The Journal of Company B, 1st O.V.A.

By: Chauncey M. (Chauncey Mitchell) Depew (1834-1928)

Book cover My Memories of Eighty Years

By: William Greenwood

Book cover Confiscation; an outline

By: William Guthrie (1835-1908)

Book cover Second Shetland Truck System Report

By: Charles James Fox (1749-1806)

Book cover History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second

By: James M. Oxley (1781-1828)

Book cover Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales

By: Sara Yorke Stevenson (1847-1921)

Book cover Maximilian in Mexico A Woman's Reminiscences of the French Intervention 1862-1867

By: F. (Frederick) Beavan (1818-1897)

Book cover Sketches and Tales Illustrative of Life in the Backwoods of New Brunswick Gleaned from Actual Observation and Experience During a Residence Of Seven Years in That Interesting Colony

By: John Hasloch Potter (1847-1935)

Book cover The Discipline of War Nine Addresses on the Lessons of the War in Connection with Lent

By: James F. (James Fullarton) Muirhead (1853-1934)

Book cover The Land of Contrasts A Briton's View of His American Kin

By: Clarence W. (Clarence Walker) Barron (1855-1928)

Book cover The Audacious War

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