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By: Caleb Huse (1831-1905)

Book cover The Supplies for the Confederate Army, how they were obtained in Europe and how paid for.

By: Warren Olney (1841-1921)

Book cover "Shiloh" as Seen by a Private Soldier With Some Personal Reminiscences

By: Elizabeth Kimball Kendall

Book cover A Wayfarer in China Impressions of a trip across West China and Mongolia

By: Thomas H. Reid

Book cover Across the Equator A Holiday Trip in Java

By: William A. Ross

Book cover A Yacht Voyage to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden 2nd edition

By: J. (John) Kincaid (1787-1862)

Book cover Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, in the Peninsula, France, and the Netherlands from 1809 to 1815

By: John Hubert Greusel (1868-)

Book cover Blood and Iron Origin of German Empire As Revealed by Character of Its Founder, Bismarck

By: Anthony Norris Groves (1795-1853)

Book cover Journal of a Residence at Bagdad During the Years 1830 and 1831

By: Henry William Herbert (1807-1858)

Book cover The Roman Traitor, Vol. 2
Book cover The Roman Traitor, Vol. 1

By: Richard Lovell Edgeworth (1744-1817)

Book cover Richard Lovell Edgeworth A Selection From His Memoirs

By: Sarah Knowles Bolton (1841-1916)

Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous by Sarah Knowles Bolton Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous

These characters have been chosen from various countries and from varied professions, that the youth who read this book may see that poverty is no barrier to success. It usually develops ambition, and nerves people to action. Life at best has much of struggle, and we need to be cheered and stimulated by the careers of those who have overcome obstacles.If Lincoln and Garfield, both farmer-boys, could come to the Presidency, then there is a chance for other farmer-boys. If Ezra Cornell, a mechanic, could become the president of great telegraph companies, and leave millions to a university, then other mechanics can come to fame...

By: Canniff Haight (1825-1901)

Book cover Country Life in Canada Fifty Years Ago Personal recollections and reminiscences of a sexagenarian

By: Elias Johnson

Book cover Legends, Traditions, and Laws of the Iroquois, or Six Nations, and History of the Tuscarora Indians

By: Samuel Murray Hussey (1824-)

Book cover The Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent

By: Emily Henrietta Hickey (1845-1924)

Book cover Our Catholic Heritage in English Literature of Pre-Conquest Days

By: John Kelman (1864-1929)

Book cover Among Famous Books

By: John Beatty (1828-1914)

Book cover The Citizen-Soldier or, Memoirs of a Volunteer

By: Basil L. (Basil Lanneau) Gildersleeve (1831-1924)

Book cover The Creed of the Old South 1865-1915

By: Isaac Myer (1836-1902)

Book cover Scarabs The History, Manufacture and Symbolism of the Scarabæus in Ancient Egypt, Phoenicia, Sardinia, Etruria, etc.

By: Cordenio A. Severance (1863?-1925)

Book cover Indian Legends of Minnesota

By: Catherine Albertson (1868-)

Book cover In Ancient Albemarle

By: George Bancroft (1800-1891)

Book cover Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln Delivered at the request of both Houses of Congress of America

By: A Gentleman of Elvas [pseud.]

Book cover A Narrative of the expedition of Hernando de Soto into Florida published at Evora in 1557

By: John Bates Clark (1847-1938)

Book cover Social Justice Without Socialism

By: William Alexander Fraser (1859-1933)

Book cover Caste

By: G. H. (George Herbert) Mair (1887-1926)

Book cover English Literature: Modern

By: F. A. (Frederick Augustus) Voigt (1892-1957)

Book cover Combed Out

By: L. S. (Lucy S.) Thompson

Book cover The Story of Mattie J. Jackson Her Parentage—Experience of Eighteen years in Slavery—Incidents during the War—Her Escape from Slavery

By: Frederic Harrison (1831-1923)

Book cover Studies in Early Victorian Literature

By: Antony Bluett

Book cover With Our Army in Palestine

By: John Philip Newman (1826-1899)

Book cover 'America for Americans!' The Typical American, Thanksgiving Sermon

By: Frederic S. (Frederic Swartwout) Cozzens (1818-1869)

Book cover Acadia or, A Month with the Blue Noses

By: James Reynolds (fl. 1812)

Book cover Journal of an American Prisoner at Fort Malden and Quebec in the War of 1812

By: Frederick L. (Frederick Lyman) Hitchcock

Book cover War from the Inside The Story of the 132nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in the War for the Suppression of the Rebellion, 1862-1863

By: J. A. (John Adam) Cramb (1862-1913)

Book cover The Origins and Destiny of Imperial Britain Nineteenth Century Europe

By: Frederick John Lazell (1870-1940)

Book cover Some Summer Days in Iowa
Book cover Some Spring Days in Iowa

By: A. C. (Albert Charles) Seward (1863-1941)

Book cover Darwin and Modern Science

By: John Wilson Ross (1818-1887)

Book cover Tacitus and Bracciolini The Annals Forged in the XVth Century

By: Mrs. Meer Hasan Ali

Book cover Observations on the Mussulmauns of India Descriptive of Their Manners, Customs, Habits and Religious Opinions Made During a Twelve Years' Residence in Their Immediate Society

By: G. W. (George Warrington) Steevens (1869-1900)

Book cover From Capetown to Ladysmith An Unfinished Record of the South African War

By: Robert Stafford Arthur Palmer (1888-1916)

Book cover Letters from Mesopotamia in 1915 and January, 1916, from Robert Palmer, who was killed in the Battle of Um El Hannah, June 21, 1916, aged 27 years

By: Ernest R. (Ernest Richard) Suffling (1855-1911)

Book cover Jethou or Crusoe Life in the Channel Isles

By: Godfrey Rathbone Benson Charnwood (1864-1945)

Book cover Abraham Lincoln

By: Arnold Wynne (1880-)

Book cover The Growth of English Drama

By: M. L. (Mason Locke) Weems (1759-1825)

Book cover The Life of General Francis Marion

By: Thomas Osborne Davis (1814-1845)

Book cover Thomas Davis, Selections from his Prose and Poetry

By: Margaret Bemister (1877-)

Book cover Thirty Indian Legends

By: Friedrich Trenck (1726-1794)

Book cover The Life and Adventures of Baron Trenck, Volume 1
Book cover The Life and Adventures of Baron Trenck, Volume 2

By: Harold Howland (1877-)

Book cover Theodore Roosevelt and His Times

By: W. Lucas (William Lucas) Collins (1817-1887)

Book cover Cicero Ancient Classics for English Readers

By: Arthur M. Mann

Book cover The Boer in Peace and War

By: M. E. (Mary Edith) Durham (1863-1944)

Book cover Twenty Years Of Balkan Tangle

By: Gaston Derreaux

Book cover The Sun King

By: Hugh E. (Hugh Exton) Seebohm (1867-1946)

Book cover On The Structure of Greek Tribal Society: An Essay

By: Edward Allen Bell

Book cover A History of Giggleswick School From its Foundation, 1499 to 1912

By: Samual Hall Young (1847-1927)

Alaska Days with John Muir by Samual Hall Young Alaska Days with John Muir

By: Lawrence Turnbull (-1927)

Book cover The Royal Pawn of Venice A Romance of Cyprus

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