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By: Stockton State Hospital (Calif.)

Book cover Rules and Regulations of the Insane Asylum of California Prescribed by the Resident Physician, August 1, 1861

By: Jack Thorne (1863-)

Book cover Hanover; Or The Persecution of the Lowly A Story of the Wilmington Massacre.

By: John V. (John Veasey) Lane (1861-)

Book cover Rodney, the Ranger With Daniel Morgan on Trail and Battlefield

By: Hubert Howe Bancroft (1832-1918)

Book cover Some Cities and San Francisco, and Resurgam

By: Thomas Dykes Beasley

Book cover A Tramp Through the Bret Harte Country

By: Geneve L. A. Shaffer

Book cover The Log of the Empire State

By: René Rapin (1621-1687)

Book cover De Carmine Pastorali (1684)

By: Lucy Ann Delaney (c. 1830-?)

Book cover From the Darkness Cometh the Light, or Struggles for Freedom

In From the Darkness Cometh the Light, or Struggles for Freedom Delaney tells the story of how she was born into slavery of her mother--a freeborn black woman who had been kidnapped and sold on the blocks--but escaped while a teenager and eventually sued in court for her freedom. After the Civil War, Delaney spent the rest of her life inspiring other African Americans to take advantage of the new opportunities available to them as a result of their new found freedom, and to constantly strive to improve their lives and the lives of their progeny

By: Reginald Grant

Book cover S.O.S. Stand to!

By: Edward Feild (1801-1876)

Book cover Extracts from a Journal of a Voyage of Visitation in the "Hawk," 1859

By: James Crabb (1774-1851)

Book cover The Gipsies' Advocate or, Observations on the Origin, Character, Manners, and Habits of the English Gipsies

By: Robert Arnold

Book cover The Dismal Swamp and Lake Drummond, Early recollections Vivid portrayal of Amusing Scenes

By: Charlotte Taylor Blow Charless

Book cover A Biographical Sketch of the Life and Character of Joseph Charless In a Series of Letters to his Grandchildren

By: Alice J. Knight

Book cover Las Casas 'The Apostle of the Indies'

By: Ashbel Woodward (1804-1885)

Book cover Wampum A Paper Presented to the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Philadelphia

By: Arthur Gleason (1878-1923)

Book cover Young Hilda at the Wars

By: H. Taprell (Henry Taprell) Dorling (1883-1968)

Book cover Stand By! Naval Sketches and Stories

By: William Wirt (1772-1834)

Book cover Celebration in Baltimore of the Triumph of Liberty in France

By: Pierre Nicole (1625-1695)

Book cover An Essay on True and Apparent Beauty in which from Settled Principles is Rendered the Grounds for Choosing and Rejecting Epigrams

By: Edmond Malone (1741-1812)

Book cover Cursory Observations on the Poems Attributed to Thomas Rowley (1782)

By: Archibald MacMechan (1862-1933)

Book cover Chronicles of Canada Volume 27 - The Winning of Popular Government: A Chronicle of the Union of 1841

In the 1830's, Canada was a ideologically divided country. Political upheaval and even riots occurred over Canada's future. Would it remain a subsidiary of England? Would it form its own republic, or even merge with the United States? This work tells of how some of Canada's founding fathers crossed the bridge between past and future.

By: Elmer Ulysses Hoenshel (1864-)

Book cover My Three Days in Gilead

By: Augustus Jessopp (1823-1914)

Book cover The Coming of the Friars

By: James Seaton Cockburn

Book cover Canada for Gentlemen

By: Andrew Y. Wood

Book cover Fascinating San Francisco

By: Alice Prescott Smith

Book cover Montlivet

By: G. Lenotre (1855-1935)

Book cover The House of the Combrays

By: Bulstrode Whitlocke (1605-1676?)

Book cover A Journal of the Swedish Embassy in the Years 1653 and 1654, Vol II.

By: Caroline Hadley

Book cover Woodside or, Look, Listen, and Learn.

By: Richard Twiss (1747-1821)

Book cover A Trip to Paris in July and August 1792

By: W. G. D. (William George Dimock) Fletcher (1851-1935)

Book cover The Register of Ratlinghope

By: John A. J. (John Angel James) Creswell (1828-1891)

Book cover Oration on the Life and Character of Henry Winter Davis

By: Anna De Koven (1860-)

Book cover The Counts of Gruyère

By: Lucinda Lee Orr

Book cover Journal of a Young Lady of Virginia, 1782

By: George Washington Julian (1817-1899)

Book cover Political Recollections 1840 to 1872

By: Hervey Keyes

Book cover The Forest King Wild Hunter of the Adaca

By: Francis Asbury Smith (1837-1915)

Book cover The Critics Versus Shakspere A Brief for the Defendant

By: George Lunt (1803-1885)

Book cover Old New England Traits

By: Joseph K. (Joseph Ketchum) Edgerton (1818-1893)

Book cover The Relations of the Federal Government to Slavery Delivered at Fort Wayne, Ind., October 30th 1860

By: Walter Goodman (1838-1912)

Book cover The Pearl of the Antilles, or An Artist in Cuba

By: Joe Mills (1880-1935)

Book cover A Mountain Boyhood

By: Hamilton W. (Hamilton Wilcox) Pierson (1817-1888)

Book cover A Letter to Hon. Charles Sumner, with 'Statements' of Outrages upon Freedmen in Georgia

By: Henry Cruse Murphy (1810-1882)

Book cover The Voyage of Verrazzano A Chapter in the Early History of Maritime Discovery in America

By: Edwin Erle Sparks (1860-1924)

Book cover The United States of America, Part 1

By: Lajos Kossuth (1802-1894)

Book cover Select Speeches of Kossuth

By: Josephine Butler (1828-1906)

Book cover Native Races and the War

Josephine Elizabeth Butler was a Victorian era British feminist who was strongly committed to liberal reforms. As a result of her efforts, international organisations including the International Abolitionist Federation were set up to campaign against state regulation of prostitution and the trafficking in women and children. This book reflects her abhorrence of slavery in all its forms and is particularly pertinent in our world of today.

By: Herbert Baird Stimpson (1869-)

Book cover The Tory Maid

By: James Mott Hallowell (1865-)

Book cover The Spirit of Lafayette

By: William Horatio Barnes

Book cover History of the Thirty-Ninth Congress of the United States

By: Osmond Tiffany (1823-)

Book cover A sketch of the life and services of Gen. Otho Holland Williams Read before the Maryland historical society, on Thursday evening, March 6, 1851

By: John Theodore Mueller (1885-1967)

Book cover Three Young Pioneers A Story of the Early Settlement of Our Country

By: Desmond Byrne

Book cover Australian Writers

By: H. R. Hill

Book cover A Succinct View of the Importance and Practicability of Forming a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of Panama

By: Robert Charles Hope (1855-1926)

Book cover The Leper in England: with some account of English lazar-houses

By: Robert Ottiwell Gifford-Bennet (1834-1902)

Book cover Buxton and its Medicinal Waters

By: Franklin Hichborn (1869?-1964)

Book cover Story of the Session of the California Legislature of 1909

By: John W. (John Wheeler) Moore (1833-1906)

Book cover School History of North Carolina : from 1584 to the present time

By: T. R. Swinburne

Book cover A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil

By: George Henry Miles (1824-1871)

Book cover The Truce of God A Tale of the Eleventh Century

By: John Falstaffe

Book cover The Theater (1720)

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