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By: Evaleen Stein (1863-1923)

Book cover Gabriel and the Hour Book

Brother Stephen has the heart of an artist and wishes to leave the abbey to travel and see the world. However, King Louis has decreed that an "hour book" be made for his bride, Lady Anne, which in turn causes the Abbott to refuse Brother Stephen's request to leave the brotherhood as his illuminations are the most beautiful, and as such, he desires that Brother Stephen should be the one to make the hour book. This decision angers Brother Stephen. Will Brother Stephen stay at the abbey and carry out his task or will he refuse and bring about a ban against him, a serious matter indeed...

By: Richard Plantagenet Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Grenville Buckingham and Chandos (1797-1861)

Book cover Memoirs of the Courts and Cabinets of George the Third From the Original Family Documents, Volume 1

By: John Reed Scott (1869-)

Book cover Beatrix of Clare

By: Richard Plantagenet Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Grenville Buckingham and Chandos (1797-1861)

Book cover Memoirs of the Court and Cabinets of George the Third From the Original Family Documents, Volume 2

By: Fedor Jagor (1816-1900)

The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes by Fedor Jagor The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes

By: Hugh Macmillan

Book cover Roman Mosaics Or, Studies in Rome and Its Neighbourhood

By: Virginia Watson (1872-)

Book cover The Princess Pocahontas

By: Charles Haven Ladd Johnston (1877-1943)

Book cover Famous Privateersmen and Adventurers of the Sea Their rovings, cruises, escapades, and fierce battling upon the ocean for patriotism and for treasure

By: Georg Jellinek (1851-1911)

Book cover The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens

By: Elmore Barce (1872-1945)

Book cover The Land of the Miamis An Account of the Struggle to Secure Possession of the North-West from the End of the Revolution until 1812

By: Harry C. Yarrow (1840-1929)

Book cover A Further Contribution to the Study of the Mortuary Customs of the North American Indians
Book cover An Introduction to the mortuary customs of the North American Indians

By: Helen Fraser

Book cover Women and War Work

By: Ralph Bignell Ainsworth

Book cover The Story of the 6th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry France, April 1915-November 1918

By: Anna Alice Chapin (1880-1920)

Book cover Greenwich Village

By: Wilfred Byron Shaw (1881-1959)

Book cover The University of Michigan

By: John D. (John Denison) Baldwin (1809-1883)

Book cover Ancient America, in Notes on American Archaeology

By: John D. Shortridge

Book cover Italian Harpsichord-Building in the 16th and 17th Centuries

By: Francis Sydney Marvin (1863-1943)

Book cover Progress and History

By: Thomas Forester

Book cover Rambles in the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia with Notices of their History, Antiquities, and Present Condition.

By: J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps (1820-1889)

Book cover The Nursery Rhymes of England

By: Georges Duhamel (1884-1966)

Book cover The New Book of Martyrs

By: William H. (William Howard) Taft (1857-1930)

Book cover The South and the National Government

By: American Tract Society

Book cover Step by Step; or Tidy's Way to Freedom

By: William Garden Blaikie (1820-1899)

Book cover The Personal Life of David Livingstone

By: James Samuelson (1829-)

Book cover Roumania Past and Present

By: Various

Book cover Shield

This is not merely a book about the Russian Jews. It is a marvellous revelation of the Russian soul. It shows not only that the overwhelming majority of the Russian intellectuals, including nearly all of her brilliant literary geniuses, are opposed to the persecution of the Jews or any other race, but that they have a capacity for sympathy and understanding of humanity unequalled in any other land. I do not know of any book where the genius and heart of Russia is better displayed. Not only her leading litterateurs but also her leading statesmen and economists are represented—and all of them speak as with a single voice.

By: Marcus Lee Hansen (1892-1938)

Book cover Old Fort Snelling 1819-1858

By: Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791-1847)

Book cover Canada and the Canadians Volume I
Book cover Canada and the Canadians, Vol. 2

By: William Henry Lowe Watson

Book cover Adventures of a Despatch Rider

By: John Randall (1810-1910)

Book cover Handbook to the Severn Valley Railway Illustrative and Descriptive of Places along the Line from Worcester to Shrewsbury

By: G. E. (George Everett) Partridge (1870-)

Book cover The Psychology of Nations A Contribution to the Philosophy of History

By: R. (Robert) Van Bergen

Book cover The Story of Russia

By: Lucy Leavenworth Wilder Morris (1865-1935)

Book cover Old Rail Fence Corners

Old Rail Fence Corners is an historical treasure trove containing the stories of the first significant waves of European-American settlers in the now state of Minnesota (United States of America). This book has direct accounts of mid-19th century lives and experiences on the frontier, recounted by the frontiersmen and women when many of them were in their mid-90s. A group of volunteer women -- the Book Committee -- sought to record these recollections before they were lost with the passing of these remarkable adventurers...

By: Bury Palliser (1805-1878)

Book cover Brittany & Its Byways

By: Hawaii. Dept. of Foreign Affairs

Book cover The Hawaiian Islands Their Resources, Agricultural, Commercial and Financial

By: Delphine Menant (1850-)

Book cover Les Parsis

By: John Lawson (-1712)

Book cover A New Voyage to Carolina, containing the exact description and natural history of that country

By: Ludwig Leichhardt (1813-1848)

Book cover Journal of an Overland Expedition in Australia : from Moreton Bay to Port Essington, a distance of upwards of 3000 miles, during the years 1844-1845

By: Gustav Gottheil (1827-1903)

Book cover Zionism and Anti-Semitism

By: William Lawrence (1791-1867)

Book cover The Autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence A Hero of the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns

By: Government Virginia. History

Book cover The Road to Independence: Virginia 1763-1783

By: Boyd Cable (1878-1943)

Book cover Between the Lines

This book, all of which has been written at the Front within sound of the German guns and for the most part within shell and rifle range, is an attempt to tell something of the manner of struggle that has gone on for months between the lines along the Western Front, and more especially of what lies behind and goes to the making of those curt and vague terms in the war communiqués. I think that our people at Home will be glad to know more, and ought to know more, of what these bald phrases may actually signify, when, in the other sense, we read 'between the lines.'

By: William Hutton (1723-1815)

Book cover An History of Birmingham (1783)

By: Galen Clark (1814-1910)

Book cover Indians of the Yosemite Valley and Vicinity Their History, Customs and Traditions

By: Edward Alexander Moore (1842-)

Book cover The Story of a Cannoneer Under Stonewall Jackson In Which is Told the Part Taken by the Rockbridge Artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia

By: United States. Army. American Expeditionary Forces

Book cover The Stars and Stripes The American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I, 1918-1919

By: Grace Dunlop Peter

Book cover A Portrait of Old George Town

By: Frederick Trevor Hill (1866-1930)

Book cover On the Trail of Grant and Lee

By: James Allan

Book cover Under the Dragon Flag My Experiences in the Chino-Japanese War

By: Evelyn Baring Cromer (1841-1917)

Book cover Political and Literary essays, 1908-1913

By: Walter R. Nursey (1847-1927)

Book cover The Story of Isaac Brock Hero, Defender and Saviour of Upper Canada, 1812

By: James Kerr (1847-1905)

Book cover The Covenants And The Covenanters Covenants, Sermons, and Documents of the Covenanted Reformation

By: Henry Mann (1848-1915)

Book cover The Land We Live In The Story of Our Country

By: Charles Maurice Davies (1828-1910)

Book cover Mystic London: or, Phases of occult life in the metropolis

By: Frank Marryat (1826-1855)

Book cover Borneo and the Indian Archipelago with drawings of costume and scenery

By: Walter Harte (1709-1774)

Book cover An Essay on Satire, Particularly on the Dunciad

By: Warren H. (Warren Hugh) Wilson (1867-1937)

Book cover Quaker Hill A Sociological Study

By: Isabel Florence Hapgood (1850-1928)

Book cover A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections

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