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By: Jessie E. Sampter (1883-1938)

Book cover Blessings for Chanukah

volunteers bring you 12 recordings of Blessings for Chanukah by Jessie E. Sampter. This was the Weekly Poetry project for December 9, 2018. ------ Jessie Sampter was a Jewish educator, poet, and Zionist pioneer. She was born in New York City and immigrated to Palestine in 1919. In her twenties, she joined the Unitarian Church and began writing poetry. Her poems and short stories emphasized her primary concerns: pacifism, Zionism, and social justice. - Summary by Wikipedia

By: Violet Fane (1843-1905)

Book cover From Dawn to Noon: Poems

This is a collection of poems by Violet Fane, pseudonym of Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie. The poems convey a lot of emotion, feeling, and sympathy. - Summary by Carolin

By: Philip Max Raskin (1880-1944)

Book cover Love and Longing

Philip Max Raskin was a Jewish poet about whose life not much can be found today. His poetry, however, lives on, and some poems are still well-known today. This volume contains a series of love-poems, sometimes conveying hope and happiness, sometimes longing and disappointment. - Summary by Carolin

By: Anonymous

Book cover Please Buy My Verses

volunteers bring you 10 recordings of Please Buy My Verses by Anonymous. This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 18, 2018. ------ PLEASE BUY MY VERSES. PRICE: WHAT YOU PLEASE The Bearer Lost His Eyesight While Blasting in December, 1868. - Summary by text

By: William Cavendish (1592-1696)

Book cover To The Duchesse of Newcastle, On Her New Blazing-World

volunteers bring you 14 recordings of To The Duchesse of Newcastle, On Her New Blazing-World by William Cavendish. This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 11, 2018. ------ Margaret Cavendish's book, "Blazing World" is a fanciful depiction of a satirical, utopian kingdom in another world that can be reached via the North Pole. It is "the only known work of utopian fiction by a woman in the 17th century, as well as an example of what we now call 'proto-science fiction'. The book inspired this notable sonnet by her husband, William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which celebrates her imaginative powers, and was included in her book. ~ Summary from Wikipedia

By: Jean McKishnie Blewett (1862-1934)

Book cover Christy and The Pipers

volunteers bring you 9 recordings of Christy and The Pipers by Jean McKishnie Blewett. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for November 4, 2018. ------ This poem, set in Scotland, tells of a woman's reaction to the Pipes .

By: Grace Ellery Channing (1862-1937)

Book cover Any Woman To A Soldier

volunteers bring you 14 recordings of Any Woman To A Soldier by Grace Ellery Channing. This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 4, 2018. Grace Ellery Channing was a writer and poet who published often in The Land of Sunshine. Channing began her career as a writer by editing her grandfather's memoirs, Dr. Channing's Notebook . She became an associate editor of The Land of Sunshine , and in her tenure as a writer and poet contributor to the publication, advocated for an increased reliance on Mediterranean practices for Los Angelenos. This included embracing the sun instead of avoiding it, eating lighter food, and taking in wine and afternoon naps. - Summary by Wikipedia

By: Ameen Rihani (1876-1940)

Book cover Chant of Mystics, and Other Poems

This is a volume of poetry by the influential Lebanese American author Ameen Rihani. In these poems, the author playfully introduces the American public of the early 1920's to the environment in which he grew up, embellishing the poems with folklore and fairy tale romance. - Summary by Carolin

By: Howard Saxby (1854-1923)

Book cover Dulcamara

This is a collection of poetry and prose by Howard Saxby. These pieces are the sort of stories and poems that can be enjoyed by children because the humour in them is universal, but they are more geared towards adults. The themes and intent of the pieces are varied, with humour prevailing in most items. - Summary by Carolin

By: Irene Curtis (1890-1916)

Book cover Preludes of Poetry and Music

This is a collection of poems by American poet Irene Curtis. These poems were collected by friends and family after her death in 1916, at only 26 years of age. This book of poems is divided into two parts. The first is a collection of poems in dialect, lending an extra voice to the community of people of colour with which she grew up in the South of the United States. The second is a collection of miscellaneous poems. All of the poems shine with a special warmth and love, which make it a pleasure to read them. - Summary by Carolin

By: Bliss Carman (1861-1929)

Book cover Hearse-Horse

volunteers bring you 15 recordings of The Hearse-Horse by Bliss Carman. This was the Weekly Poetry project for October 28, 2018. ------- Bliss Carman, FRSC was a Canadian poet who lived most of his life in the United States, where he achieved international fame. He was acclaimed as Canada's poet laureate during his later years. Richard Hovey was an American poet.. He collaborated with Canadian poet Bliss Carman on three volumes of "tramp" verse: Songs from Vagabondia , More Songs from Vagabondia , and Last Songs from Vagabondia , the last being published after Hovey's death...

By: Edward Capern (1819-1894)

Book cover Autumn Invitation

volunteers bring you 18 recordings of An Autumn Invitation by Edward Capern. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for October 21, 2018. ------ In 1848 Capern secured appointment with the Post Office as a letter-carrier. His first route between Bideford and Appledore, later between Bideford and Westleigh. His job required him to make a return trip between the two towns with a wait for two hours, to allow time for people to reply to letters he had just delivered . He used this time for his writings. Capern became known as "the Rural Postman of Bideford" - Summary by Wikipedia

By: Madison Cawein (1865-1914)

Book cover Poems of Madison Cawein Vol 5

This is Volume 5: Poems of Meditation and of Forest and Field of the collected works of Madison Julius Cawein, an American poet from Kentucky. It begins with the long poem Intimations of the Beautiful and falls into three sections: Poems of Meditation, Poems of Forest and Field, and Footpaths. - Summary by Larry Wilson

By: William Platt

Book cover Stories of the Scottish Border

Nothing seems to be known about Mr and Mrs William Platt, the writers of Stories of the Scottish Border. What they produced is an eccentric guidebook and history, seen partly through the ballads of the region. The book recounts the military stratagems, treachery and courage of those who struggled for control of the Border lands and of the whole country, and tells of the triumphs or tragic fate of those who took part on both sides. It also tells us stories of the Border Reivers, raiders who lived by riding out and stealing their neighbours’ livestock...

By: Various

Book cover Short Poetry Collection 186

This is a collection of 34 poems read in English by volunteers for November 2018.

By: Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)

Book cover Austerity Of Poetry

Matthew Arnold was an English poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools. He has been characterised as a sage writer, a type of writer who chastises and instructs the reader on contemporary social issues.

By: Various

Book cover Short Poetry Collection 199

This is a collection of 48 poems read in English by volunteers for December 2019.

By: Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Book cover Fuite de la Lune

While at Trinity Collage, Wilde obtained a reputation for clever repartee and keen wit. He affected a superior air in his manners which irritated his fellow undergraduates, so that he once became the object of their practical joking. While at Oxford Wilde made his first essay in public as a writer by contributing several poems to Dublin magazines. - Temple Scott from the Introduction to Poems by Oscar Wilde

By: Danske Dandridge (1854-1914)

Book cover Rose Brake

Danske Dandridge was a Danish-born American poet, who is considered one of the major poets from West Virginia. In this volume, 36 of her poems are collected. The poems often read a lot like small fairy tales, and speak of nature, spirits, and emotions. - Summary by Carolin

By: Edward Quintard (1867-1936)

Book cover Sea Babies and Other Babies

This is a volume of small, dreamy poems by Edward Quintard. The poems could all make good lullabies, and can be read or told to very young children. Their parents or other grown-ups will also enjoy them. - Summary by Carolin

By: George Graham Currie (1867-1926)

Book cover Sonnets

This is a book of sonnets by George G. Currie. Currie was a Canadian-born lawyer and business man, but also an accomplished author and poet. While he traveled the United States and Europe extensively throughout his life, he settled in Florida. Both the theme of traveling as well as Florida occur frequently in his poetry. - Summary by Carolin

By: Henry Lawson (1867-1922)

Book cover Verses Popular And Humorous (Version 2)

Verses, Popular and Humorous was the second collection of poems by Australian poet Henry Lawson. It features some of the poet's earlier major works, including "The Lights of Cobb and Co", "Saint Peter" and "The Grog-An'-Grumble-Steeplechase". Most of the poems in the volume had been written after the publication of In the Days When the World was Wide and Other Verses in 1896. The original collection includes 66 poems by the author that are reprinted from various sources. Later publications split the collection into two separate volumes: Popular Verses and Humorous Verses, though the contents differed from the original list...

By: James W. Foley (1874-1939)

Book cover Through All The Years

Here is a sweet little poem to touch your heart and share with your best friends. The words are heartfelt, simple and trip off the tongue in sing-song fashion. The challenge becomes, as my English teacher and the poetry pundits oft complain of, how to read it without that sing-song pattern becoming monotonous. Let's see how ourers do. - Summary by Michele Fry

By: Arthur Macy (1842-1904)

Book cover Easy Knowledge

Arthur Macy did not consider his work of sufficiently high poetic standard to be published. Every one praised his choice of words, his wonderful facility in rhyme, the perfection of his metre, and the daintiness and delicacy of his verse. "All right," he would say, "but that is not Poetry with a big P, and that is the only kind that should be published. And there is mighty little of it."

By: Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935)

Book cover Suffrage Songs and Verses

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, one of the most prominent American suffragists, was not only known as an accomplished author of fiction and non-fiction, but also her poetry remains worth reading until today. - Summary by Carolin

By: George Graham Currie (1867-1926)

Book cover Love Songs

This is a collection of love songs by Canadian-born Floridian Poet Laureate George Graham Currie. As poetry is the key to the hearts of many people, all listeners are well-advised to pay special attention to these collected poems. - Summary by Carolin

By: Leonard Cline (1893-1929)

Book cover Poems

This is the first published volume of poetry by notable American journalist and author of horror stories Leonard Lanson Cline. These poems were published when Cline was only 21 years old, but the talent that would lead HP Lovecraft to admire his work is already clearly visible. - Summary by Carolin

By: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Book cover From Queen's Gardens

This is the fourth part of a collection of poetry written by English female poets. This part of From Queen's Gardens is a collection of 47 poems by Christina Rossetti. - Summary by Carolin

By: Various

Book cover From Queen's Gardens - A Chorus of Many Voices

This is the final part of From Queen's Gardens. The previous four parts were collections of poetry by eminent English poets: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Jean Ingelow, Adelaide A. Procter, and Christina Rossetti. This final part of the same volume is a collection of individual poems by less well-known female poets, or, sometimes, well-known writers known more for their novels than for their poetry. - Summary by Carolin

By: Lottie Brown Allen (1863-1935)

Book cover Prairie Poems from the Sunflower State

Poems written by Kansas native Lottie Brown Allen expressing her love of her home state. - Summary by AnnaLisa Bodtker

By: Vincent O'Sullivan (1868-1940)

Book cover Houses of Sin

This is a volume of poetry by notable American horror story author Vincent O'Sullivan. These poems are as dark as most of his other writings, and are best enjoyed by those who are not faint of heart. - Summary by Carolin

By: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

Book cover Consolation

This Weekly Poem is taken from The Queens' Garden - Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and others. - Summary by David Lawrence

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