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By: Fangqing Wang (-702)

Book cover 魏鄭公諫錄

By: Yanxiayishi

Book cover 巧聯珠

By: Wen Yin (350 BC - 284 BC)

Book cover 尹文子

By: 黄绣球

Book cover 黃繡球

By: Guang Wei Liu

Book cover Wu De Ji

By: Plum Rocky Mountain

Book cover 癡人福

By: Ke Yue

Book cover Cheng shih

By: Lingyanqiaozi

Book cover 殺子報

By: Yisun Wang (- ca. 1290)

Book cover 花外集

By: E Su (jin shi 886)

Book cover 杜陽雜編

By: Unknown

唐诗三百首,卷一  Three Hundred Tang Poems by Unknown 唐诗三百首,卷一 Three Hundred Tang Poems

The Tang Dynasty (618 to 907) was a golden age of Chinese culture: religion and philosophy, painting and calligraphy, sculpture, architecture and music all reached peaks of perfection. Poetry was the epitome of the arts: a scholastic requirement, a route to fame, a moulder of character. Nearly 50,000 poems of the Tang have survived. The collection ‘Three Hundred Tang Poems’ was compiled around 1763. It comprises six volumes, with poems grouped by verse form. Volume 1 covers the ‘ancient verse’ style in five-character lines (poems 1 to 35), and ‘folk song style verse’ (36 to 45)...

By: Various

中國傳統書籍三本(三百千) / Three Classic Chinese Texts by Various 中國傳統書籍三本(三百千) / Three Classic Chinese Texts

This is a collection of three classic Chinese texts: the Hundred Surnames (百家姓), the Thousand Character Classic (千字文), and the Three Word Verse (三字經). 中國傳統書籍三本: 百家姓, 千字文, 三字經.

By: 鲁迅 - Lu Xun (1881-1936)

呐喊 (Call to Arms) by 鲁迅 - Lu Xun 呐喊 (Call to Arms)

《呐喊》收录了鲁迅1918年至1922年所作短篇小说十四篇,其中包括中国文学史上第一篇白话文小说《狂人日记》,以及《孔乙己》、《阿Q正传》等鲁迅的代表作品。 "Call to Arms" is a collection of short stories Lu Xun published during 1918-1922. It includes "A Madman's Diary," the first novel written in vernacular Chinese, and other representative fictional works by Lu Xun, such as "Kong Yiji" and "The True Story of Ah-Q".

By: Anonymous

Book cover 易經

By: Various

唐诗三百首 卷四 Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 4 by Various 唐诗三百首 卷四 Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 4

Compiled around 1763, 'Three Hundred Tang Poems' is the standard collection of the poetic art of the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907). Volume Four has poems in the style 七言律詩 'Seven character regular verse' (poems 170 to 223). 《唐诗三百首》的编选者蘅塘退士(1711~1778),编选这本书是有感于《千家诗》选诗标准不严,体裁不备,体例不一,希望以新的选本取而代之,成为合适的、流传不废的家塾课本。他们的选诗标准是“因专...

By: 鲁迅 - Lu Xun (1881-1936)

朝花夕拾 (Chao hua si she) by 鲁迅 - Lu Xun 朝花夕拾 (Chao hua si she)

这个集子收录了鲁迅早年“从记忆中抄出来的“记录自己童年往事的散文。这些文章于1926年陆续发表在《莽原》杂志,1927年经鲁迅重新编订,加上小引和后记,于1928年在广州以《朝花夕拾》为名结集出版。这十篇散文长短不一,秉承鲁迅一贯隽永辛辣的文风,于生动刻画民俗众生的同时针砭时事,嘲骂文敌,是鲁迅早期的重要作品。 Chao Hua Si She (Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk) is a collection of essays on Chinese culture and society by Lu Xun, the most influential writer in 20th century China.

By: Lu Xun (1881-1936)

热风 (Hot Wind) by Lu Xun 热风 (Hot Wind)

《热风》是鲁迅的第一本杂文集,收录了41篇他于1918-1924年间发表的短文。这些文章长短不一,题材广泛,灵活多变,风格辛辣尖锐,大大发展重塑了杂文这一文学体裁,在新文化运动中起了重要作用。This is the first collection of short essays/commentaries by Lu Xun. It contains 41 articles he published between 1918-1924. Sharp, poignant, varying vastly on their topic, length, and style, these articles redefined the genre of "essay" in Chinese literature, as well as played an important part in the new cultural movement.

By: Anonymous

Book cover 三字經

By: Unknown (551 BC - 479 BC)

Book cover 論語

By: Anonymous

Book cover 詩經

By: Unknown (-412?)

Book cover 金剛般若波羅蜜經

By: Anonymous

Book cover 山海經

By: Unknown (4th cent. BC)

Book cover 鬼谷子
Book cover 六祖壇經

By: Various

Book cover 文淵閣四庫全書

By: Anonymous

Book cover 狄公案

By: Unknown (372? BC - 289? BC)

Book cover 孟子

By: Anonymous

Book cover 施公案

By: Shifu Wang (1295-1307)

Book cover 西廂記

By: Anonymous

Book cover Shi Gong Chuan
Book cover 木蘭奇女傳

By: Unknown (1849-1917)

Book cover 清代野记

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