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By: Anatole France (1844-1924)

Penguin Island by Anatole France Penguin Island

An old monk is tricked by the Devil into undertaking a voyage to a remote island to save the souls of thousands who live there. He arrives on the island which is actually a desolate one, inhabited only by colonies of millions of penguins. The old monk whose eyesight and hearing are almost nonexistent, mistakes them for humans and begins baptizing them. In Heaven, God finds Himself in a dilemma; the old monk's unwavering faith compels him to regard the baptisms as genuine. However, in Christian theology, only humans have souls – hence God is forced to grant the thousands of newly baptized penguins with souls! This is the beginning of their journey into “civilization...

Book cover The Life of Joan of Arc, Vol. 1 and 2
Book cover Thais

The fourth century ascetic Paphnuce, journeys from his remote desert hermitage to urban Alexandria determined to locate the stunningly beautiful and libertine actress, Thais. He earnestly desires that she convert to Christianity. Gaining an audience by deception, the hermit passionately speaks to the actress of eternity. Remarkably, Thais repents and retires to a convent for the rest of her days. The hermit however, cannot rid his mind of her charms, not even with the help of the most severe austerities. After years of anguish the monk learns of Thais' immanent demise and hastens to her side. There he confesses the unspeakable.

Book cover Gods are Athirst

The Gods Are Athirst (French: Les dieux ont soif, also translated as The Gods Are Thirsty or The Gods Will Have Blood) is a 1912 novel by Anatole France. The story follows the young Parisian painter Évariste Gamelin, who rises speedily from his humble beginnings to a member of the Revolutionary Tribunal in the second and third year of the French Revolution. In brilliant prose, Anatole France describes how Évariste's idealism turns into fanaticism, and he allows more and more heads to roll and blood to flow, placing himself and those he loves into ever greater danger.

Book cover (French) Les Dieux ont soif
Book cover (French) Vie de Jeanne d'Arc Vol. 1 de 2
Book cover The Red Lily
Book cover Revolt of the Angels

Anatole France, in his satirical and allegorical fashion, weaves a tale of fantasy which finds a mischievous guardian angel stealing books from his earthly charge, who happens to be an archbishop in possession of a plethora of literature, mostly theological in nature. After voracious reading and then becoming a "fallen" angel, he decides to search for and recruit other "fallen" angels who devise a plan to attempt an overthrow of the rule which had set their fate, realizing that revolt is necessary and inevitable...

Book cover (French) Thaïs
Book cover (French) L'Île Des Pingouins
Book cover (French) Le Jardin d'Épicure
Book cover (French) La rôtisserie de la Reine Pédauque
Book cover (French) Histoire comique
Book cover The Seven Wives Of Bluebeard 1920
Book cover (French) Monsieur Bergeret à Paris
Book cover The Well of Saint Clare
Book cover (French) Pierre Nozière
Book cover A Mummer's Tale
Book cover (French) La vie littéraire Troisième série
Book cover Child Life In Town And Country 1909
Book cover Balthasar and Other Works - 1909
Book cover (French) La vie littéraire Première série
Book cover (French) Sur la pierre blanche
Book cover The Miracle Of The Great St. Nicolas 1920
Book cover (French) La vie littéraire Quatrième série
Book cover Our Children Scenes from the Country and the Town
Book cover (French) Opinions sociales
Book cover Putois 1907
Book cover (French) La vie littéraire Deuxième série
Book cover The Merrie Tales of Jacques Tournebroche And Child Life in Town and Country
Book cover (French) Les opinions de M. Jérôme Coignard Recueillies par Jacques Tournebroche
Book cover Marguerite
Book cover The Aspirations of Jean Servien
Book cover The Queen Pedauque
Book cover The Story Of The Duchess Of Cicogne And Of Monsieur De Boulingrin 1920
Book cover (French) Vie de Jeanne d'Arc Vol. 2 de 2

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