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By: Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901)

Book cover The Two Guardians or, Home in This World
Book cover Young Folks' History of Rome
Book cover Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Greek History
Book cover The Chosen People A Compendium of Sacred and Church History for School-Children
Book cover Heir of Redclyffe

The Heir of Redclyffe (1853) was the first of Charlotte M. Yonge's bestselling romantic novels. Its religious tone derives from the High Church background of her family and from her friendship with a leading figure in the Oxford Movement, John Keble, who closely supervised the writing of the book. The germ of its plot was suggested by her friend Marianne Dyson.

Book cover Clever Woman of the Family
Book cover Two Penniless Princesses
Book cover A Book of Golden Deeds
Sowing and Sewing A Sexagesima Story by Charlotte Mary Yonge Sowing and Sewing A Sexagesima Story
Book cover Abbeychurch
Book cover The Caged Lion
Book cover Unknown to History: a story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland
Book cover Armourer's Prentices

Set in the sixteenth century, two young boys are left orphans and are turned out of their home by their older brother, or, more particularly, his shrewish wife. John has taken over their father's position as verdurer, but what are young Ambrose and Stephen to do? Visit and seek counsel from their old and infirm uncle, who lives on charity after leading a military life? Or chase the dream of finding their ne'er-do-well maternal uncle, who has reputedly made his fortune in the king's court.

Book cover Young Folks' History of England
Book cover The Prince and the Page; a story of the last crusade
Book cover The Chaplet of Pearls
Book cover The Three Brides
Book cover Heartsease, Or, the Brother's Wife
Book cover Beechcroft at Rockstone
Book cover Pioneers and Founders or, Recent Workers in the Mission field
Book cover The Young Step-Mother
Book cover Countess Kate
Book cover Magnum Bonum
Book cover Old Times at Otterbourne
Book cover Hopes and Fears or, scenes from the life of a spinster
Book cover Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II
Book cover Love and Life An Old Story in Eighteenth Century Costume
Book cover The Long Vacation
Book cover That Stick
Book cover The Carbonels
Book cover A Modern Telemachus
Book cover The Pillars of the House, V1
Book cover Grisly Grisell
Book cover The Pigeon Pie
Book cover John Keble's Parishes
Book cover Friarswood Post Office
Book cover A Reputed Changeling Or Three Seventh Years Two Centuries Ago
Book cover Under the Storm
Book cover Stray Pearls
Book cover Henrietta's Wish Or, Domineering
Book cover The Stokesley Secret
Book cover Lady Hester, or, Ursula's Narrative
Book cover Nuttie's Father
Book cover Chantry House
Book cover Scenes and Characters
Book cover Dynevor Terrace: or, the clue of life — Volume 2
Book cover The Two Sides of the Shield
Book cover More Bywords
Book cover Life of John Coleridge Patteson : Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands
Book cover My Young Alcides
Book cover Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe
Book cover Modern Broods
Book cover The Herd Boy and His Hermit
Book cover Dynevor Terrace: or, the clue of life — Volume 1
Book cover Unknown to History

During the captivity of Mary, Queen of Scots, plots, conspiracies, and intrigue engulfed the country. Catholics were apprehensive of Protestants; Scots mistrusted the English. No one felt completely safe. Into the midst of this turmoil was thrust a tiny baby girl, rescued from a storm-tossed sea, the solitary survivor of the wreck of the Bride of Dunbar. Was this unfortunate child - adopted and raised in the bosom of a loving family - connected to the displaced and unhappy Queen Mary? Would she eventually find herself at the mercy of the Elizabeth, Queen of England, or would she find happy bliss with her one true love?

Book cover Young Folks' History of Germany

An entertaining history for "young folks", covering the history of Germany from the ancient tribes of pre-Roman times to Wilhelm I . - Summary by Kara

Book cover Captivating Bible Stories for Young People

Noted author and historian, Charlotte Mary Yonge, presents Bible stories written for children in simple language. There are thee 52 stories for the year starting at the beginning of the Bible through the end, with three readings for each chapter. - Summary by Larry Wilson

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