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By: Georg Ebers (1837-1898)

Book cover Arachne

Ledscha, living in ancient Egypt, has lost her betrothed and all hope of love. But the gods see otherwise. She now loves a Greek sculptor, who only wanted her for a model, but even that will not happen. She has been replaced by another woman for the statue of Arachne. Who do the gods see her with? Is it the Greek, or someone else? This work is the last written and published in German by Georg Ebers before he died in 1898. He wrote many novels set it ancient Egypt, which sparked the general interest in and popularity of Egyptology that still thrives today. This book was translated into English also in 1898.

Book cover An Egyptian Princess
Book cover The Bride of the Nile
Cleopatra historische roman van George Ebers by Georg Ebers (Dutch) Cleopatra historische roman van George Ebers
Book cover Uarda : a Romance of Ancient Egypt
Book cover (Dutch) Eene Egyptische Koningsdochter Historische Roman van George Ebers
Book cover The Sisters
Book cover The Emperor
Book cover Serapis
Book cover Georg Ebers Works
Book cover In the Fire of the Forge
Book cover Margery
Book cover Joshua

Hosea is a commander in Pharaoh's army... and a Hebrew. As he returns home from war, he finds that there has been a great pestilence in Egypt and his people are being blamed for it. Hosea receives a message from his father to follow his people to Succoth, but he is hesitant to give up his position in the army. Someone else also sends a message, containing a new name for him from God. There is much intrigue in this retelling of the Exodus, both among the Hebrews and in the court of Pharaoh.

Book cover The Burgomaster's Wife
Book cover A Thorny Path
Book cover Barbara Blomberg
Book cover Homo Sum
Book cover Images from the Works of Georg Ebers
Book cover A Word, Only a Word
Book cover The Complete Short Works
Book cover The Elixir
Book cover The Nuts
Book cover A Question
Book cover The Greylock
Book cover (Finnish) Sisaret Romaani
Book cover In the Blue Pike
Book cover Cleopatra

The world knows the fate of the classic lovers Cleopatra and Mark Antony, so there is no need to announce a spoiler alert. Georg Ebers was a German Egyptologist who deftly applied his comprehensive knowledge of Rome and Egypt into a fictionalized account of the ill-fated romance between the Egyptian Queen and her Roman lover Mark Antony.

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