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By: George Sand (1804-1876)

La mare au diable by George Sand (French) La mare au diable

Sur l’avis de son beau-père, malgré sa réticence, le laboureur Germain, veuf de vingt-huit ans, va se rendre à Fourche pour rencontrer celle qui deviendra peut-être la nouvelle mère de ces trois petits enfants, la fille du père Léonard, jeune veuve elle aussi. Apprenant ce déplacement, la mère Guillette demande qu’il emmène avec lui sa fille, Marie, qui s’en va travailler comme bergère dans la région. En cours de route, la nuit tombe. Le brouillard se lève et les voilà perdus, dans les bois, au bord d’une mare… His father-in-law insisting upon it, Germain goes to Fourche to meet a young widow who might become the new mother of his three children...

The Devil's Pool by George Sand The Devil's Pool

George Sand (the pen name of Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin 1804-1876) is famous for flaunting the conventions of behavour expected of women of her standing in France at the time and for her numerous romantic liaisons including her long standing affair with Frédéric Chopin. The Devil’s Pool (published in 1846 as La Mare au Diable) is one of several short pastoral novels drawn from her childhood experiences in the rural French region of Berri. It tells the story of a young widower, Germain, who, at the insistence of his father-in-law, sets out to remarry so that he will have someone to help raise his three young children. Summary written by the reader.

Les Maîtres sonneurs by George Sand (French) Les Maîtres sonneurs

Le roman est paru dans Le Constitutionnel en juin et juillet 1853. Il raconte la vie des « cornemuseux » à la fin du XVIIIe siècle, dans le Berry et le Bourbonnais. Il se divise en 31 veillées, où le narrateur Etienne Depardieu, dit Tiennet, raconte sa vie auprès de sa cousine Brulette, de leur ami Joseph, un orphelin, et de Thérence et Huriel.

Indiana by George Sand Indiana

This is George Sand's first novel. Her real name was Amantine (or Amandine) Lucile Dupin, and she later became baroness Dudevant. As an aristocratic woman living in 19th century France, she chose her first novel to be, above all, a realistic work. Indiana is trapped since the age of 16 in a loveless marriage with a rich, much older, man. Her only real friend is her cousin, sir Ralph, who, sometimes, just does things which are- logically- the best for her but- mentally- the worsed he could do. She tries to find means of escape. But would she be able to recreate her own reality? Can a woman find true love while trying to maintain her identity and independence in a man's world?"

Book cover The Devil's Pool
Book cover The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters
Book cover (French) La comtesse de Rudolstadt
Book cover (French) La petite fadette
Book cover (French) Un hiver à Majorque
Book cover (French) Consuelo, Tome 1 (1861)
Book cover (French) Gabriel
Book cover (French) Histoire du véritable Gribouille
Book cover (French) Elle et lui
Book cover (French) Oeuvres illustrées de George Sand Les visions de la nuit dans les campagnes - La vallée noire - Une visite aux catacombes
Book cover (French) Cora
Book cover (French) Valentine
Book cover (French) La Marquise
Book cover (French) Les beaux messieurs de Bois-Doré
Book cover (French) Jean Ziska
Book cover (French) Jacques
Book cover (French) Isidora
Book cover (French) Nouvelles lettres d'un voyageur
Book cover (French) Spiridion
Book cover (French) Aldo le rimeur
Book cover (French) Légendes rustiques
Book cover (French) Andre
Book cover (French) Le château des Désertes
Book cover (French) Lucrezia Floriani
Book cover (French) Contes d'une grand-mère
Book cover (French) Nanon La bibliothèque précieuse
Book cover (French) Lavinia
Book cover (French) Promenades autour d'un village
Book cover (French) Cadio
Book cover (French) Francia; Un bienfait n'est jamais perdu
Book cover (French) Autour de la table
Book cover (French) Leone Leoni
Book cover (French) Le poëme de Myrza - Hamlet
Book cover (French) Horace
Book cover (French) Le meunier d'Angibault
Book cover (French) Kourroglou
Book cover (French) Journal d'un voyageur pendant la guerre
Book cover (French) Le secrétaire intime
Book cover (French) Mademoiselle La Quintinie
Book cover (French) Le Piccinino
Book cover (French) Le péché de Monsieur Antoine, Tome 1
Book cover (French) Mattea
Book cover (French) Metella
Book cover (French) La Daniella, Vol. I.
Book cover (French) Simon
Book cover (French) Pauline
Book cover (French) Teverino
Book cover (French) Césarine Dietrich
Book cover (French) Valvèdre
Book cover (French) La Daniella, Vol. II.
Book cover (French) La dernière Aldini Simon
Book cover (French) L'Uscoque
Book cover (French) L'Orco
Book cover (Finnish) Ranskalaisia kansansatuja ja tarinoita
Book cover (French) Correspondance, 1812-1876 — Tome 1
Book cover Marquis de Villemer

Caroline is a very intelligent woman. She received a good convent education until her father lost his fortune in a failed venture and died soon after. While her sister marries, Caroline has to go to Paris to support herself as a lady companion. In Paris, she is exposed to a privileged world she cannot dream to take part in. Or can she? Can her love for the good Marquis of Villemer win over social class and prejudice? - Summary by Stav Nisser.

Book cover Antonia

Will love conquer all? An entertaining novel of growth in light of societal pressures of propriety, finance and inheritance of 19th century France. Intriguing events and turns of phrase abound.

Book cover Consuelo

This roman à clef follows the musical adventures of Consuelo, a gifted singer under the tutelage of the composer Nicola Porpora. After encountering betrayal in her home city of Venice, she goes to stay with a family of nobles in an isolated castle in Bohemia and teach singing to the baroness who lives there. It is there that she meets Count Albert, a troubled young man who experiences regressions to past lives. He is strangely drawn to her, but she, though moved with pity for him, is unsure what to think of him...

Book cover Bagpipers

A story of two sets of lovers and the development of their relationships, set in rural France in the mid 19th century. - Summary by PeterTucker

Book cover Countess of Rudolstadt

This sequel to Consuelo picks up not long after the striking conclusion of the first novel. Consuelo is enjoying a brilliant singing career. She befriends Princess Amelia of Prussia, the woman adored by Baron von Trenck, whose acquaintance Consuelo made in her previous adventures. She has also attracted the admiration of King Frederick II, who is Princess Amelia’s brother, and finds that she must tread carefully in order to both remain on his good side and protect her friends from his wrath...

Book cover (French) Laura. Voyages et impressions

Un jeune étudiant allemand en minéralogie, du nom d'Alexis, tombe amoureux de sa cousine Laura. Cette dernière lui préfère son ami Walter. Dédaigné par sa cousine, il entrevoit un pays merveilleux où il la retrouve pour un voyage dans le cristal, fait de cristaux géants colorés. Compris dans cette compilation charmante de la plume de George Sand sont les quatre histoires courtes "Laura", "Les charmettes", "Lettre d'un voyageur" et "Ce que dit le ruisseau". - Summary by Laurette & Sonia

Book cover (French) Légendes rustiques

Voici une collection de 16 contes et légendes de la plume de George Sand , ainsi que la correspondance sur l'affaire tragique de la jeune paysane Fanchette, qui lui tenait à coeur. - Summary by Sonia

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