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By: Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837)

Book cover Poems of Giacomo Leopardi

This is a volume of poems by Giacomo Leopardi.

Book cover Essays and Dialogues

"We would no more choose to feed the minds of our countrymen and women with the despairing utterances of the pessimist poet, than we would their bodies with hasheesh. Such melancholy as his clothed in such eloquent words may be the luxury of the idle; it is poison to those who have work to do in the world. It shuts out hope, the very spring of energy; it makes the cheerful steady pursuit of duty a thing utterly beyond human powers. For we can none of us stand alone. Either in human or divine love we must find the mainspring of all life worth living...

Book cover (Italian) Canti

La prima edizione dei Canti fu pubblicata a Napoli, curata dall'autore, nel 1835. Superficialmente sarebbe potuta apparire un'ennesima raccolta della tradizione classicista italiana. Nulla di nuovo infatti nel contenuto e nel linguaggio. Il pessimismo e la noia sono temi che dall'Ecclesiaste erano apparsi regolarmente nella letteratura occidentale, da quella classica fino al Werther. Le sferzate poetiche contro la decadenza politica e civile della “patria”, le cui prime attestazioni nella tradizione culturale occidentale risalgono ai profeti veterotestamentari, già in Dante e Petrarca avevano raggiunto vette altissime...

Book cover To The Moon

Giacomo Leopardi is a great name in Italy among philosophers and poets, but is quite unknown in this country, and Mr. Townsend has the honor of introducing him, in the most captivating way, to his countrymen. In Germany and France he has excited attention. Translations have been made of his works; essays have been written on his ideas. But in England his name is all but unheard of. Six or seven years ago Mr. Charles Edwards published a translation of the essays and dialogues, but no version of the poems has appeared, so far as I know...

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