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By: Harold Bindloss (1866-1945)

Northwest! by Harold Bindloss Northwest!

Northwest! takes place in western Canada, primarily western Alberta and British Columbia. The story revolves around Jimmy not being sure whether or not he shot and killed a Northwest Mounted while he and some friends were out hunting one day. Not exactly a bushman, he needs to head northwest to avoid capture by the officials who are out to find him and bring him to trial. At least that's what he suspects. Survival in the wilderness for one who was raised in British class proves to be a daunting experience, and we learn of the trials he is to be put through while he is on the lam.

The Protector by Harold Bindloss The Protector

Harold Bindloss, while born in England, based most of his novels in western Canada, and The Protector is based primarily in and around Vancouver and Victoria.There is often danger involved in the mining and timber industries north of Vancouver, and there is also danger in the trust given to people who own and operate these mines and timber lands. And finding one's way in locating them can be equally as difficult as well. Wallace Vane and his trusted friend Carroll seemed to encounter these dangers in a seemingly endless journey both for business purposes and for adventure in their search for adequate timber land which they had inadvertently heard of...

Book cover Vane of the Timberlands
Book cover Johnstone of the Border
Book cover Lorimer of the Northwest
The Secret of the Reef by Harold Bindloss The Secret of the Reef
Book cover The Gold Trail
Book cover By Right of Purchase
Book cover Partners of the Out-Trail
Book cover The Girl from Keller's
For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss For the Allinson Honor
The League of the Leopard by Harold Bindloss The League of the Leopard
Book cover The Greater Power
Book cover Prescott of Saskatchewan
Book cover The Dust of Conflict
Book cover The Buccaneer Farmer Published in England under the Title "Askew's Victory"
Book cover The Cattle-Baron's Daughter
Book cover Brandon of the Engineers
Book cover Thurston of Orchard Valley
Book cover Alton of Somasco
Book cover Hawtrey's Deputy
Book cover Blake's Burden
Book cover Winston of the Prairie
Book cover Lister's Great Adventure
Book cover Masters of the Wheat-Lands
Book cover The Long Portage
Book cover Ranching for Sylvia
Book cover The Intriguers
Book cover The Lure of the North
Book cover Carmen's Messenger

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