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By: Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade (1860-1936)

Book cover Timid Hare
Book cover Little Folks of North America Stories about children living in the different parts of North America
Book cover Bertha Our Little German Cousin
Book cover Our Little Japanese Cousin

Meet Lotus Blossom, our little Japanese Cousin and her little brother Toyo. Join them in their everyday life and learn about Japanese customs and culture.

Book cover Our Little Jewish Cousin

In whatever direction you may travel,—north, south, east, or west,—you will doubtless meet some of your little black-eyed Jewish cousins. They live among us here in America. They also dwell in the countries far away across the wide ocean. Why are they so scattered, you may ask. Is there no country which is really theirs, and which is ruled over by some one they have chosen? Is there not some place where they can gather together happily whenever they please? The answer is always no. They cannot say of this land or of that, "It is ours," for they are homeless...

Book cover Our Little Siamese Cousin

A book written for children to see what life is like for their 'cousins' in Siam. This is part of the "Our Little Cousin" series and like the others, brings to life the day to day occurrences and celebrations of children around the world that are so different, yet at heart, all the same because children and the parents who love and cherish them are the same too no matter where they live. This book lets us attend some of their Siamese festivals, take a peep into the royal palace, enter the temples, and learn something about the ways and habits of that far-away eastern country.

Book cover Our Little German Cousin

This book is part of the "Our Little Cousin" series, written for North American children to tell them about their 'cousins' from other parts of the world. Embark on a journey to 19th Century Germany with Bertha, Gretchen and Hans. They live in a toy-making village in the Black Forest. Learn about their work and customs; get to know facts and lore, hear about architecture, music and more. ( Claudia Salto)

Book cover Mari, Our Little Norwegian Cousin

"Long before Columbus discovered America, there were brave men in the north of Europe who dared to sail farther out upon the unknown waters of the Atlantic than any other people in the world. These daring seamen were called Vikings. Their home was the peninsula of Scandinavia, now ruled over by one king, although divided into two distinct countries, Norway and Sweden. Many of our Norwegian cousins have come to America to make a new home for themselves where the sun shines more warmly and the winds blow less keenly...

Book cover Our Little Irish Cousin

This little book is intended to help American children (and adults) learn more about the children of Ireland, their culture and how they live their daily lives. It is one of a series attempting to do this with countries and peoples around the world hoping to not just educate but enlighten and bring tolerance for differences in the way we live. From the preface "You have often heard people speak of the Emerald Isle. When you have asked where it is and why it is so called, you have been told it is only another name for that small island to the northwest of the continent of Europe called Ireland...

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