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By: Titus Livius (c55BC - c17AD)

Book cover From the Foundation of the City

Ab urbe condita, is a monumental history of ancient Rome written in the Latin language by Titus Livius(Livy), an ancient Roman historian. The work covers the time from the stories of Aeneas, the earliest legendary period from before the city's founding in c. 753 BC, to Livy's own times in the reign of the emperor, Augustus. The last year covered by Livy is 745 AUC, or 9 BC, the death of Drusus. About 25% of the work survives.Livy's History of Rome was in demand from the publication of the first packet...

Book cover History of Rome, volume 1

The History of Rome is a history of ancient Rome, written in Latin by Livy between 27 and 9 BC, covering the period from the supposed arrival of Aeneas and the Trojansall the way to the time of Augustus, finishing with the death of Drusus, contemporary to Livy himself. Only 35 of the 142 books written by the author arrived to our times. This translation, by the Rev Canon William Masfen Roberts, was published in six volumes as part of the Everyman's Library Collection. - Summary by Leni

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