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大學 章句   By: (1130-1200)

Book cover

This book is a comprehensive guide to navigating the complexities of college life in China. Written by Xi Zhu, it offers practical advice and insights for students struggling to adapt to the demands of university. From study tips to social dynamics, the author covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to young adults embarking on this new chapter in their lives. One of the strengths of the book is its relatable and conversational tone, making it easy for readers to engage with the material. Overall, 大學 章句 is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make the most of their college experience in China.

First Page:

¤j¾Ç³¹¥y (da xue zhang ju)

¦¶¿Q (xi zhu)

¤j¾Ç³¹¥y§Ç ¤j¾Ç¤§®Ñ¡A¥j¤§¤j¾Ç©Ò¥H±Ð¤H¤§ªk¤]¡C»\¦Û¤Ñ­°¥Í¥Á¡A«h¬J²ö¤£»P¤§¥H¤¯ ¸q§´¼¤§©Ê¨o¡CµM¨ä®ð½è¤§¸[©Î¤£¯à»ô¡A¬O¥H¤£¯à¬Ò¦³¥Hª¾¨ä©Ê¤§©Ò¦³¦Ó¥þ¤§ ¤]¡C¤@¦³Áo©úºÍ´¼¯àºÉ¨ä©ÊªÌ¥X©ó¨ä¶¢¡A«h¤Ñ¥²©R¤§¥H¬°»õ¥ü¤§§g®v¡A¨Ï¤§ªv ¦Ó±Ð¤§¡A¥H½Æ¨ä©Ê¡C¦¹¥ñ¿ª¡B¯«¹A¡B¶À«Ò¡B³ó¡BµÏ¡A©Ò¥HÄ~¤Ñ¥ß·¥¡A¦Ó¥q®{¤§ ¾¡B¨å¼Ö¤§©x©Ò¥Ñ³]¤]¡C ¤T¥N¤§¶©¡A¨äªkÝH³Æ¡AµM«á¤ý®c¡B°ê³£¥H¤Î¾[«Ñ¡A²ö¤£¦³¾Ç¡C¤H¥Í¤K·³¡A «h¦Û¤ý¤½¥H¤U¡A¦Ü©ó±f¤H¤§¤l§Ì¡A¬Ò¤J¤p¾Ç¡A¦Ó±Ð¤§¥HÅx±½¡BÀ³¹ï¡B¶i°h¤§ ¸`¡A§¼Ö¡B®g±s¡B®Ñ¼Æ¤§¤å¡F¤Î¨ä¤Q¦³¤­¦~¡A«h¦Û¤Ñ¤l¤§¤¸¤l¡B²³¤l¡A¥H¦Ü ¤½¡B­ë¡B¤j¤Ò¡B¤¸¤h¤§¾A¤l¡A»P¤Z¥Á¤§«T¨q¡A¬Ò¤J¤j¾Ç¡A¦Ó±Ð¤§¥H½a²z¡B¥¿ ¤ß¡B­×¤v¡Bªv¤H¤§¹D¡C¦¹¤S¾Ç®Õ¤§±Ð¡B¤j¤p¤§¸`©Ò¥H¤À¤]¡C ¤Ò¥H¾Ç®Õ¤§³]¡A¨ä¼s¦p¦¹¡A±Ð¤§¤§³N¡A¨ä¦¸²Ä¸`¥Ø¤§¸Ô¤S¦p¦¹¡A¦Ó¨ä©Ò¥H ¬°±Ð¡A«h¤S¬Ò¥»¤§¤H§g°`¦æ¤ß±o¤§§E¡A¤£«Ý¨D¤§¥Á¥Í¤é¥ÎÂU­Û¤§¥~¡A¬O¥H·í¥@ ¤§¤HµL¤£¾Ç¡C¨ä¾Ç²jªÌ¡AµL¤£¦³¥Hª¾¨ä©Ê¤À¤§©Ò©T¦³¡A¾¤À¤§©Ò·í¬°¡A¦Ó¦UÍé ²j¥HºÉ¨ä¤O¡C¦¹¥j©õ²±®É©Ò¥Hªv¶©©ó¤W¡A«U¬ü©ó¤U¡A¦Ó«D«á¥@¤§©Ò¯à¤Î¤]¡I ... Continue reading book >>

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