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Bible (Reina Valera) 13: Primer Libro de Crónicas (Version 2)

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The Bible (Reina Valera) 13: Primer Libro de Crónicas (Version 2) is a powerful and insightful text that delves into the history and genealogy of the Israelite people. The book provides a detailed account of the reign of King David and his successors, highlighting their triumphs, failures, and the ways in which they interacted with God.

One of the standout features of this book is the emphasis on obedience to God's commands and the consequences of straying from His path. Throughout the narrative, readers are reminded of the importance of faith, obedience, and humility in their relationship with God.

The language in this version of the book is clear and easy to understand, making it accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds. The inclusion of footnotes and annotations also enhances the reading experience, providing additional context and explanations for unfamiliar terms or concepts.

Overall, Bible (Reina Valera) 13: Primer Libro de Crónicas (Version 2) is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the history and teachings of the Israelite people. Whether you are a longtime believer or a newcomer to the faith, this book offers timeless wisdom and guidance for navigating life's challenges with faith and integrity.

Book Description:
Primer Libro de Crónicas

El Primer libro de Crónicas, que junto con el Segundo Libro de Crónicas, originalmente formaban parte de un solo libro, se escribieron después de que Judá comenzara a regresar del exilio de Babilonia en 538 a. C. . Este primer libro se centra principalmente en la historia de Judá, el reino del sur, del Israel dividido. El libro comienza con varias genealogías con especial énfasis en David y Salomón, pero incluye el resto de las tribus. Las "crónicas" nos transportan a continuación a la historia del reino bajo David, enfatizando el profundo y detallado interés de David por la adoración a Dios y particularmente sus planes detallados para la construcción del templo que sería construido por su hijo Salomón. Es probable que el Primer Libro de Crónicas se haya escrito para tranquilizar a los exiliados que regresaron de la continua fidelidad de Dios hacia su pueblo. Se desconoce su autor, pero se cree que Ezra pudo haber sido el escritor principal.

English Translation:
First Chronicles
First Chronicles, which together with Second Chronicles were originally part of a single book, were written after Judah began to return from the Babylonian exile in 538 BC. C. . This first book focuses primarily on the history of Judah, the southern kingdom of the divided Israel. The book begins with several genealogies with special emphasis on David and Solomon, but includes the rest of the tribes. The "chronicles" then transport us to the history of the kingdom under David, emphasizing David's deep and detailed interest in the worship of God and particularly his detailed plans for the construction of the temple of the Lord that would be built by his son Solomon. The First Book of Chronicles was likely written to reassure the returned exiles of God's continued faithfulness to His people. Its author is unknown, but it is believed that Ezra may have been the main writer.

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