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The Ancient Church Its History, Doctrine, Worship, and Constitution   By: (1806-1902)

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The Ancient Church, written by W. D. Killen, is a comprehensive and thought-provoking exploration of the history, doctrine, worship, and constitution of the early Christian Church. Through meticulous research and an engaging narrative style, Killen provides readers with a deep understanding of the early Christian community and its development over several centuries.

One of the book's greatest strengths lies in its thorough examination of the historical context in which the early Church emerged. Killen takes readers on a journey through the ancient world, shedding light on key events, figures, and cultural nuances that shaped the early Christian movement. By doing so, he not only presents a well-rounded picture of the Church's growth but also ensures that readers gain a broader understanding of the challenges faced by early Christians in their efforts to establish and consolidate their faith.

Furthermore, Killen's analysis of the early Church's doctrines and worship practices is equally compelling. He delves into the theological debates and controversies that were prevalent during this time, presenting various perspectives and offering thoughtful insights into their implications. The author's expertise in ecclesiastical matters is evident in his ability to present complex theological concepts in a clear and accessible manner, making this book a valuable resource for students and scholars alike.

In addition, Killen pays ample attention to the organizational structure and constitution of the ancient Church. He thoroughly examines the roles of bishops, presbyters, and deacons, as well as the development of church hierarchy. By tracing the evolution of ecclesiastical governance, Killen provides valuable insights into the origins of modern-day ecclesiastical systems, highlighting the continuity and evolution of the Church over time.

While The Ancient Church is undoubtedly a scholarly work, Killen's writing style is remarkably engaging and readable, ensuring that readers remain captivated throughout. His use of primary sources and extensive references provides credibility and allows readers to delve deeper into specific topics of interest. Moreover, the inclusion of maps, illustrations, and diagrams greatly enhances the book's overall readability and aids in understanding the geographical and historical context.

In conclusion, The Ancient Church by W. D. Killen is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the history and development of early Christianity. By offering a comprehensive account of the Church's history, doctrine, worship, and constitution, Killen presents readers with a well-rounded portrait of the ancient Church that leaves no stone unturned. Written with meticulous research and a compelling narrative style, this book is an invaluable addition to the field of ecclesiastical studies and a must-read for scholars, students, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the roots of Christianity.

First Page:


Its History, Doctrine, Worship, and Constitution, Traced for the First Three Hundred Years.



Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Pastoral Theology to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

"Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God." PSALM lxxxvii. 3.



I cannot permit this Edition of "The Ancient Church" to appear before the citizens of the United States without acknowledging my obligations to Mr Charles Scribner of New York. Mr Scribner was the first gentleman connected with the noble profession to which he belongs, either in the Old or in the New World, from whom I received encouragement in this undertaking; and his prompt and generous offers aided me materially in making arrangements for the publication of the work in Great Britain. Every line of the present impression has been corrected by myself, and should my life be spared, any future Edition which Mr Scribner may publish is to appear under the same supervision. I trust that the Trade throughout the Union will recognize the debt of gratitude which I owe to my American friend. There is a higher law than the law of international copyright, and I feel confident that no Publisher of honour and integrity in the Great Republic will repudiate its claims... Continue reading book >>

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Reviews (Rated: 5 Stars - 1 review)

Reviewer: - May 29, 2018
Subject: Review
Very insightful book. Excellent explaination of early church and how and why power and influence were ultimately centralized. The discussion on early heresy and the difficulty it presented was new to me. Do have to read thru a lengthy discussion of Book of Acts.

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