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At the Deathbed of Darwinism A Series of Papers   By: (1861-1942)

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At the Deathbed of Darwinism is an enlightening series of papers by Eberhard Dennert that will surely captivate the attention of both those well-versed in the theory of Darwinism and those new to the subject. Dennert presents a meticulously researched collection of arguments challenging the very foundations of Darwin's theory of evolution.

The author's conversational tone and logical approach make this book accessible to a wide audience. Dennert's lucid explanations help readers navigate complex scientific concepts and philosophical ideas, allowing them to grasp the depth and breadth of his analysis. With each chapter, the author builds upon a comprehensive array of evidence, effectively dismantling long-held assumptions surrounding Darwinism.

One of Dennert's most compelling arguments centers around the absence of transitional fossil records, a glaring weakness in the Darwinian framework. The author presents a meticulous examination of the fossil record, highlighting numerous instances where the evidence fails to illustrate the smooth progression of species over time. Instead, Dennert posits the idea of abrupt appearances and disappearances of species, which challenges the widely accepted gradual evolution theory.

Another significant aspect of Dennert's work lies in his exploration of the limitations of natural selection as the primary driving force behind evolution. He delves into the complex mechanisms governing life, exposing the implausibility of random mutations alone shaping the complexity and diversity of life forms. Dennert skillfully weaves together the threads of cellular intelligence, symbiotic relationships, and the intricate web of interdependencies within ecosystems to underscore the inadequacies of Darwinism.

Furthermore, in examining the shortcomings of Darwinism, Dennert avoids resorting to religious dogma or relying on creationist arguments. He firmly plants his critique within the realm of scientific debate and encourages readers to question established theories without fear of being labeled as anti-science. This nuanced approach sets At the Deathbed of Darwinism apart from other literature critical of Darwin's theory.

However, it is important to note that Dennert's work is not without its own limitations. Some readers may find his writing style overly technical, particularly when delving into complex scientific terms and hypotheses. Additionally, Dennert primarily focuses on disproving Darwinism rather than offering a comprehensive alternative theory, leaving a void that may hinder readers searching for a more complete understanding of the origins of life.

Overall, At the Deathbed of Darwinism is an essential addition to the literature challenging the widely accepted theory of evolution. Eberhard Dennert provokes critical thinking, inviting readers to question and explore the foundations of Darwinism. Regardless of one's stance on the subject, this book is a thought-provoking resource that encourages intellectual curiosity and inspires further exploration into the nature of life and its origins.

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Authorized Translation


1904 GERMAN LITERARY BOARD Burlington, Iowa

Copyright 1904 By R. NEUMANN




CHAPTER I. The Return to Wigand The Botanist, Julius von Sachs The Vienna Zoologist, Dr. Schneider 35

CHAPTER II. Professor Goethe on "The Present Status of Darwinism" Explains the Reluctance of certain men of Science to Discard Darwinism 41

CHAPTER III. Professor Korchinsky Rejects Darwinism His Theory of Heterogenesis Professor Haberlandt of Graz Demonstration of a "Vital Force" Its Nature The Sudden Origination of a New Organ Importance of the Experiment. 49

CHAPTER IV. Testimony of a Palaeontologist, Professor Steinmann On Haeckel's Family Trees The Principle of Multiple Origin Extinction of the Saurians "Darwinism Not the Alpha and Omega of the Doctrine of Descent" Steinmann's Conclusions 60

CHAPTER V... Continue reading book >>

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