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Beauty and the Beast   By:

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In a classic tale as old as time, Anonymous weaves a spellbinding and enchanting story that captivates readers of all ages. Set in a small, picturesque French village, Beauty and the Beast takes us on a journey filled with love, sacrifice, and the transformative power of true beauty.

At the heart of the story is Belle, a young woman with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a spirit that yearns for adventure beyond the confinements of her provincial life. Her uniqueness shines through as she dares to be different, defying societal expectations and pursuing her own passions. Belle's unwavering curiosity and thirst for adventure are traits that many readers can relate to, making her a heroine worth rooting for.

Our dashing and mysterious Beast, on the other hand, is a tormented soul trapped in a grotesque exterior. As the story unfolds, we delve into the depths of his despair and follow his evolution from a frightful monster to a kind-hearted gentleman. Anonymous skillfully captures the internal struggles of the Beast, imbuing him with depth and complexities that challenge the reader's perception of beauty and the power of redemption.

One of the greatest strengths of this tale lies in the beautifully crafted narrative. Anonymous effortlessly transports readers into a world filled with grandeur and magic, where every word is meticulously chosen to evoke vivid imagery and emotions. The rich descriptions of both the flamboyant castle and the idyllic village serve as the perfect backdrop to the story's unfolding events, immersing us in a visual feast for the imagination.

Moreover, the themes explored in this timeless tale resonate on a profound level. The profound message that beauty lies within, rather than solely in physical appearances, serves as a reminder that true love can transcend shallow notions. Additionally, the book encourages readers to look beyond societal stereotypes, reinforcing the importance of empathy and acceptance.

While the story certainly holds its fair share of charm, there are moments when the pacing feels slightly uneven. The initial encounter between Belle and the Beast could have been further developed to establish a stronger emotional connection between them, creating a more intense sense of yearning and eventual revelation. Furthermore, some secondary characters remain underdeveloped, leaving certain storylines feeling incomplete.

Nonetheless, Anonymous breathes new life into this age-old tale, reminding us of the power of love, compassion, and the strength of the human spirit. Beauty and the Beast is a delightful read that seamlessly pairs whimsy with depth, offering readers a truly unforgettable journey. Its timeless themes and unforgettable characters will continue to enchant generations to come, ensuring its rightful place among the literary classics.

First Page:

Beauty and the Beast

by Anonymous

Edition 1, (November 30, 2006)




Once upon a time, in a very far off country, there lived a merchant who had been so fortunate in all his undertakings that he was enormously rich. As he had, however, six sons and six daughters, he found that his money was not too much to let them all have everything they fancied, as they were accustomed to do.

But one day a most unexpected misfortune befell them. Their house caught fire and was speedily burnt to the ground, with all the splendid furniture, the books, pictures, gold, silver, and precious goods it contained; and this was only the beginning of their troubles. Their father, who had until this moment prospered in all ways, suddenly lost every ship he had upon the sea, either by dint of pirates, shipwreck, or fire. Then he heard that his clerks in distant countries, whom he trusted entirely, had proved unfaithful; and at last from great wealth he fell into the direst poverty.

All that he had left was a little house in a desolate place at least a hundred leagues from the town in which he had lived, and to this he was forced to retreat with his children, who were in despair at the idea of leading such a different life... Continue reading book >>

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