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Between Friends   By: (1865-1933)

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Between Friends by Robert W. Chambers is a beautifully written and captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics of friendship, love, and loyalty. Set in the backdrop of New York City during the late 19th century, this book takes readers on an emotional journey through the lives of two childhood friends, Rudolph Woodbridge and Reginald Boyd.

The narrative is masterfully crafted, drawing readers in with its rich and vivid descriptions of the era and the bustling cityscape. Chambers demonstrates a remarkable ability to create a sense of time and place, transporting us effortlessly into the characters' world. Through his eloquent prose, he vividly captures the essence of the city's charm, while also weaving in a sense of impending change and transformation.

The heart of the story lies in the complex relationship between the two friends. Rudolph and Reginald's bond is deep-rooted, forged during their formative years, and remains unbreakable despite the divergent paths their lives take. Chambers meticulously explores the intricacies of this friendship, delving into themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the enduring power of connection.

The characters themselves are beautifully developed, each exhibiting their own strengths, weaknesses, and conflicts. Rudolph, with his adventurous spirit, is a captivating protagonist whose yearning for exploration and discovery drives the narrative forward. Reginald, on the other hand, is depicted as the more cautious and refined of the two, but harboring a complexity that adds depth to his character. Their interactions are filled with genuine emotion, showcasing the evolution of their friendship as they navigate life's trials and tribulations.

In addition to the compelling exploration of friendship, Between Friends also delves into the themes of love and the intricacies of human relationships. As the story unfolds, readers are treated to various romantic subplots that add layers of tension and nuance to the narrative. Chambers handles these threads with sensitivity and finesse, painting a realistic portrayal of love in all its complexities.

As the novel reaches its climax, the author skillfully interweaves elements of mystery and suspense, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. The pacing is steady, ensuring that the plot remains engaging and the readers' attention is held until the very end. Chambers' ability to seamlessly blend various genres and themes is a testament to his storytelling prowess.

Overall, Between Friends is a compelling and thought-provoking novel that delves into the timeless themes of friendship, love, and loyalty. Robert W. Chambers crafts a mesmerizing narrative, bringing to life a captivating era in New York City's history. With its well-developed characters, evocative descriptions, and skillful storytelling, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers and remind us all of the enduring power of friendship.

First Page:


By Robert W. Chambers



Like a man who reenters a closed and darkened house and lies down; lying there, remains conscious of sunlight outside, of bird calls, and the breeze in the trees, so had Drene entered into the obscurity of himself.

Through the chambers of his brain the twilit corridors where cringed his bruised and disfigured soul, there nothing stirring except the automatic pulses which never cease.

Sometimes, when the sky itself crashes earthward and the world lies in ruins from horizon to horizon, life goes on.

The things that men live through and live!

But no doubt Death was too busy elsewhere to attend to Drene.

He had become very lean by the time it was all over. Gray glinted on his temples; gray softened his sandy mustache: youth was finished as far as he was concerned.

An odd idea persisted in his mind that it had been winter for many years. And the world thawed out very slowly for him.

But broken trees leaf out, and hewed roots sprout; and what he had so long mistaken for wintry ashes now gleamed warmly like the orange and gold of early autumn. After a while he began to go about more or less little excursions from the dim privacy of mind and soul and he found the sun not very gray; and a south wind blowing in the world once more... Continue reading book >>

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