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Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (7 of 8) The Seventh Boke of the Historie of England   By: (-1580?)

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In Raphael Holinshed's "Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (7 of 8) The Seventh Boke of the Historie of England", readers are immersed in a comprehensive and enlightening account of English history. As one of six books in this captivating series, this particular installment delves into the events and political landscape of England during the reigns of notable monarchs such as King Edgar, King Edward the Martyr, and King Ethelred.

Holinshed's meticulous research is evident throughout the narrative. Drawing from various sources, including official records, chronicles, and firsthand accounts, the author weaves together a rich tapestry of historical events, presenting readers with a holistic picture of the past. This attention to detail gives the book an air of authenticity, and readers will appreciate the accuracy and credibility that underpin each chapter.

One of the strengths of this book is its ability to provide context to the events it chronicles. By setting the stage and expertly explaining the motivations, alliances, and rivalries of the key players, Holinshed helps readers understand the complexities of the political landscape during this period. Additionally, the author's ability to convey the societal dynamics and cultural nuances of England at the time adds depth and depth to the narrative. This makes for a truly immersive reading experience.

While the comprehensive nature of the book may seem daunting to some readers, Holinshed's prose is remarkably accessible. The author employs a clear and straightforward writing style, allowing readers to follow along with ease. Moreover, his skillful storytelling ensures that readers remain engaged and interested in the events unfolding on the page. Holinshed's ability to navigate the delicate balance between scholarship and storytelling is a testament to his literary prowess.

Additionally, the inclusion of maps, charts, and genealogical tables aids in further understanding the historical context. These visuals not only provide a visual reference but also enhance the reader's comprehension and retention of the material. The attention to detail in this aspect of the book is commendable and greatly contributes to its educational value.

Nevertheless, as a volume in a larger series, "The Seventh Boke of the Historie of England" assumes a certain level of familiarity with the preceding installments. While Holinshed attempts to provide sufficient background information, readers new to the series may find themselves at a disadvantage in fully grasping the intricacies of the narrative. It is recommended to start with the beginning of the series to fully appreciate the content of this book.

In conclusion, "Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (7 of 8) The Seventh Boke of the Historie of England" by Raphael Holinshed is an engrossing historical account, showcasing the author's meticulous research and storytelling skills. Holinshed brings history to life, weaving together a narrative that is both informative and captivating. While best enjoyed as part of the larger series, this book stands on its own as a valuable resource for anyone interested in English history.

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Egelred succeedeth Edward the martyr in the kingdoms of England, the decaie of the realme in his reigne, Dunstane refusing to consecrate him is therevnto inforced, Dunstans prophesies of the English people and Egelred their king, his slouth and idlenes accompanied with other vices, the Danes arriue on the coasts of Kent and make spoile of manie places; warre betwixt the king and the bishop of Rochester, archbishop Dunstans bitter denunciation against the king because he would not be pacified with the bishop of Rochester without moneie; Dunstans parentage, his strange trance, and what a woonderfull thing he did during the time it lasted, his education and bringing vp, with what good qualities he was indued, an incredible tale of his harpe, how he was reuoked from louing and lusting after women whereto he was addicted, his terrible dreame of a rough beare, what preferments he obteined by his skill in the expounding of dreames .


[Sidenote: EGELRED.] In the former booke was discoursed the troubled state of this land by the manifold and mutinous inuasions of the Danes; who though they sought to ingrosse the rule of euerie part and parcell therof into their hands; yet being resisted by the valiantnesse of the gouernors supported with the aid of their people, they were disappointed of their expectation, and receiued manie a dishonorable or rather reprochfull repulse at their aduersaries hands... Continue reading book >>

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