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A Coal From The Altar, To Kindle The Holy Fire of Zeale In a Sermon Preached at a Generall Visitation at Ipswich   By: (1577-1640)

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Samuel Ward's sermon, "A Coal From The Altar, To Kindle The Holy Fire of Zeale In a Sermon Preached at a Generall Visitation at Ipswich," is a thought-provoking and engaging piece of religious literature. Ward's passionate delivery and profound insights make this sermon a must-read for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of faith and cultivate a fervent zeal for God.

Throughout the sermon, Ward skillfully combines biblical references, historical anecdotes, and personal anecdotes to captivate his audience and convey his central message. His eloquent language and vivid imagery create a powerful atmosphere, immersing readers in the spiritual journey he outlines.

The sermon's main focus is the importance of zealous devotion towards God, emphasizing the need for believers to cultivate a burning passion for their faith. Ward argues that lukewarmness and complacency in one's religious life can hinder spiritual growth and restrict the transformative power of God's love. He urges his listeners to rekindle the fire of zeal within their hearts, demonstrating the necessity of wholehearted engagement with the teachings of Christ.

Moreover, Ward addresses the role of the clergy in fostering zealous devotion among their congregations. He reminds them of their sacred duty to lead by example and inspire others through their own fervent commitment to God. Ward's words serve as a powerful reminder to clergy members of the immense responsibility they carry in nurturing the spiritual lives of their congregants.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Ward's sermon is his ability to connect religious teachings with everyday life. Drawing from the experiences of biblical figures and historical events, he illustrates the transformative power of zealous faith through tangible examples. Whether discussing the martyrdom of early Christians or the zeal exhibited by the apostle Paul, Ward effectively demonstrates the impact of such fervor in bridging the gap between theory and practice.

The only drawback of this sermon is its brevity. At just a few pages long, some readers may desire a more comprehensive exploration of the topic. However, Ward compensates for this limitation by delivering a concentrated and impactful message that resonates deeply with readers.

In conclusion, "A Coal From The Altar, To Kindle The Holy Fire of Zeale In a Sermon Preached at a Generall Visitation at Ipswich" is a thought-provoking and spiritually enriching sermon that encourages readers to reignite their passion for God and engage in zealous devotion. Samuel Ward's powerful rhetoric, compelling arguments, and ability to connect religious teachings to everyday life make this a sermon that should not be missed by anyone seeking to deepen their faith and grow closer to God.

First Page:


In a Sermon preached at a generall Visitation at Ipswich.

By SAM WARD Bach. of Divinity.

The third Edition, corrected and much amended.

[Greek: TheƓ kai humin]


Printed by E.G. for Joyce Macham , widow; and are to bee sold in Pauls Church yard, at the signe of Time , 1628

To my reverend Friend Mr. SAMUEL WARD.

Sir, your Sermon which I copied partly from your mouth, and partly from your notes, I have adventured into the light; encouraged by the approbation, and earnest entreaty of such, whose judgements you reverence, and whose love you embrace: who also have made bolde heere and there to varie some things, not of any great consequence, if I can judge. I was loth to smoother such fire in my brest; but to vent it, to enflame others. If you shall blame me, I know others will thanke mee. What I have done, is out of Zeale to God and his Church.

Your affectionate friend,

Ambrose Wood.

Revel. 3. 19. Be zealous.

[Sidenote: Mat. 24. 12.]

[Sidenote: 1 Kin. 1. 1.]

This watch word of Christ, if it be not now a word in season, I know not when ever it was, or will bee: Would he now vouchsafe to bestow a letter upon his Church heere on earth; should hee need to alter the tenour of this? which being the last, to the last of the seaven Churches, why may it not (saith an Ancient, upon this text) typifie the estate of the last Age of his Churches? the coldnesse whereof himselfe hath expressely foretolde... Continue reading book >>

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