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Deserted 1898   By: (1850-1898)

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Deserted 1898 by Edward Bellamy is an enthralling novel that transports readers to a dystopian future. Set in the year 1898, the story follows the life of protagonist Thomas Halliday, who wakes up to a world completely devoid of human presence.

Bellamy skillfully crafts a unique and haunting atmosphere that immerses readers in the eerie feeling of abandonment. His vivid descriptions of the deserted streets, dilapidated buildings, and overgrown landscapes create a vivid image of a world once bustling with life now consumed by emptiness. The author's attention to detail is commendable, as every scene is painted with atmospheric precision, making it easy to envision the desolate surroundings.

One of the strongest aspects of Bellamy's writing is his ability to captivate readers through the development of his protagonist, Thomas Halliday. As Thomas navigates through the ghostly remnants of society, the author delves into the complex emotions of isolation, confusion, and a deep yearning for human connection. Thomas' inner struggles mirror those of the readers, adding a layer of personal investment that strengthens the narrative.

Moreover, Bellamy ingeniously integrates themes of societal and technological changes into his narrative. By presenting a world abandoned by humans, he prompts readers to reflect on the consequences of progress, raising questions about the limits of industrialization and its potential impact on society. In doing so, he challenges readers to consider the delicate balance between technological advancement and the preservation of human experiences.

However, some readers might find the pacing of Deserted 1898 uneven at times. While certain sections are filled with suspense, tension, and unexpected twists, other parts of the story feel slow and lackluster. Nonetheless, these moments are offset by the sheer brilliance of Bellamy's writing and the compelling nature of the overall plot.

In conclusion, Deserted 1898 is a thought-provoking and captivating novel that offers a unique perspective on a dystopian future. Edward Bellamy's masterful storytelling, engrossing descriptions, and well-crafted character development make this book a memorable read. Despite its occasional pacing issues, the novel's themes and vivid depiction of a deserted world ensure that readers will be left pondering the delicate balance between progress and humanity long after they turn the final page.

First Page:


By Edward Bellamy


"What a glorious, all satisfying country this Nevada desert would be, if one were only all eyes, and had no need of food, drink, and shelter! Would n't it, Miss Dwyer? Do you know, I 've no doubt that this is the true location of heaven. You see, the lack of water and vegetation would be no inconvenience to spirits, while the magnificent scenery and the cloudless sky would be just the thing to make them thrive."

"But what I can't get over," responded the young lady addressed, "is that these alkali plains, which have been described as so dreary and uninteresting, should prove to be in reality one of the most wonderfully impressive and beautiful regions in the world. What awful fibbers, or what awfully dull people, they must have been whose descriptions have so misled the public! It is perfectly unaccountable. Here I expected to doze all the way across the desert, while in fact I 've grudged my eyes time enough to wink ever since I left my berth this morning."

"The trouble is," replied her companion, "that persons in search of the picturesque, or with much eye for it, are rare travelers along this route. The people responsible for the descriptions you complain of are thrifty businessmen, with no idea that there can be any possible attraction in a country where crops can't be raised, timber cut, or ore dug up... Continue reading book >>

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