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Discipline and Other Sermons   By: (1819-1875)

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Discipline and Other Sermons by Charles Kingsley is a remarkable collection of sermons that explores the theme of discipline and its importance in shaping an individual's character and moral values. Kingsley, a renowned clergyman and writer of the Victorian era, presents a series of thought-provoking messages centered on the need for self-control and the cultivation of virtues.

This book offers a blend of practical advice, spiritual guidance, and philosophical reflections. Through his insightful and eloquent prose, Kingsley captivates readers with his teachings on discipline as a means to attain personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Each sermon delves into a specific aspect of discipline, such as controlling one's desires and embracing challenges, all intertwined with a deep understanding of human nature.

What sets this book apart is Kingsley's ability to present complex theological concepts in a relatable and accessible manner. He draws on examples from everyday life, biblical stories, and historical events, creating a tapestry of relevance that resonates with readers from all walks of life. Kingsley's engaging storytelling skills and powerful rhetoric make Discipline and Other Sermons not only educative but also enjoyable to read.

Furthermore, Kingsley's sermons serve as powerful reminders of the importance of discipline in the face of adversity and uncertainty. His words encourage individuals to persevere, embodying a sense of resilience and determination. By exploring topics like temptations, virtues, and the pursuit of excellence, Kingsley offers a roadmap for those seeking to lead a disciplined and purposeful life.

One of the strengths of this collection is the wide range of topics covered. Kingsley addresses various aspects of discipline, including self-discipline, discipline in education, discipline in work, and discipline in relationships. With his poignant anecdotes and biblical references, the author provides invaluable insights into the challenges we face in navigating our personal and professional lives.

Additionally, Kingsley's sermons emphasize the importance of discipline in fostering social harmony and justice. He underscores the need for individuals to act in a disciplined manner towards others, promoting empathy, compassion, and fairness. Through his sermons, he calls upon readers to recognize the wider implications of discipline and its power to bring about positive change in society.

Overall, Discipline and Other Sermons is a timeless literary work that continues to inspire readers with its profound teachings on discipline, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment. Charles Kingsley's eloquence, wisdom, and compassionate approach make this book a must-read for anyone seeking guidance on leading a disciplined and purposeful life. Whether one is religious or not, the universal messages contained within these sermons provide invaluable insights into the human condition and our ongoing pursuit of self-improvement.

First Page:

Transcribed by David Price, email, from the 1881 Macmillan and Co. edition.



(Preached at the Volunteer Camp, Wimbledon, July 14, 1867.)

NUMBERS xxiv. 9.

He couched, he lay down as a lion; and as a great lion. Who dare rouse him up?

These were the words of the Eastern sage, as he looked down from the mountain height upon the camp of Israel, abiding among the groves of the lowland, according to their tribes, in order, discipline, and unity. Before a people so organized, he saw well, none of the nations round could stand. Israel would burst through them, with the strength of the wild bull crashing through the forest. He would couch as a lion, and as a great lion. Who dare rouse him up?

But such a people, the wise Balaam saw, would not be mere conquerors, like those savage hordes, or plundering armies, which have so often swept over the earth before and since, leaving no trace behind save blood and ashes. Israel would be not only a conqueror, but a colonist and a civilizer. And as the sage looked down on that well ordered camp, he seems to have forgotten for a moment that every man therein was a stern and practised warrior. 'How goodly,' he cries, 'are thy tents, oh Jacob, and thy camp, oh Israel... Continue reading book >>

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