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Double Dealing Sailor's Knots, Part 11.   By: (1863-1943)

Book cover

Double Dealing Sailor's Knots, Part 11 by W. W. Jacobs is a highly engaging and thrilling addition to the series. This installment seamlessly continues the adventures of the protagonist, drawing readers into a world of maritime intrigue and cunning plot twists.

The author's storytelling prowess is on full display throughout the book, as he skillfully weaves together various subplots and characters. Each chapter is meticulously crafted to keep readers hooked, with well-paced action and clever dialogue that further enhances the narrative.

Jacobs' characters are excellently developed, allowing readers to deeply connect with their journeys and emotions. The protagonist's growth and evolution are particularly noteworthy, as they face numerous challenges that test their resilience both mentally and physically. Furthermore, the author's attention to detail enables readers to vividly visualize the settings, immersing them in the nautical atmosphere.

One compelling aspect of Double Dealing Sailor's Knots, Part 11 is its exploration of moral dilemmas and ethical quandaries. The choices characters make and the consequences they face provide thought-provoking moments, prompting readers to reflect on their own perspectives. This thematic depth adds another layer of complexity to the narrative, elevating it beyond a mere adventure story.

Moreover, the suspenseful nature of the plot keeps readers eagerly flipping pages. Jacobs effortlessly builds tension, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, craving to know how the characters will overcome the obstacles standing in their way. The unpredictable twists and turns keep the momentum going, ensuring the story never loses its grip on readers' attention.

While Double Dealing Sailor's Knots, Part 11 is undoubtedly an engaging read, it might be challenging for newcomers to fully appreciate the depth of the story without prior knowledge of the series. However, returning readers will find the continuation of the overarching narrative highly satisfying, as loose ends are tied up and new threads are skillfully introduced.

In conclusion, Double Dealing Sailor's Knots, Part 11 is a captivating addition to W. W. Jacobs' series. With its well-crafted narrative, compelling characters, and intense suspense, it is sure to please fans of the series and lovers of maritime adventures alike. Jacobs' impeccable storytelling keeps readers enthralled from beginning to end, making this installment a must-read for anyone seeking an enthralling journey on the high seas.

First Page:


By W.W. Jacobs



Mr. Fred Carter stood on the spacious common, inhaling with all the joy of the holiday making Londoner the salt smell of the sea below, and regarding with some interest the movements of a couple of men who had come to a stop a short distance away. As he looked they came on again, eying him closely as they approached a strongly built, shambling man of fifty, and a younger man, evidently his son.

[Illustration: "Stood on the spacious common, inhaling the salt smell of the sea below."]

"Good evening," said the former, as they came abreast of Mr. Carter.

"Good evening," he replied.

"That's him," said both together.

They stood regarding him in a fashion unmistakably hostile. Mr. Carter, with an uneasy smile, awaited developments.

"What have you got to say for yourself?" demanded the elder man, at last. "Do you call yourself a man?"

"I don't call myself anything," said the puzzled Mr. Carter. "Perhaps you're mistaking me for somebody else."

"Didn't I tell you," said the younger man, turning to the other "didn't I tell you he'd say that?"

"He can say what he likes," said the other, "but we've got him now. If he gets away from me he'll be cleverer than what he thinks he is."

"What are we to do with him now we've got him?" inquired his son... Continue reading book >>

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