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The Education of Children   By: (1469-1536)

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The Education of Children by Desiderius Erasmus is an insightful and thought-provoking piece of literature that offers a comprehensive exploration of the crucial topic of education. Erasmus, a renowned Dutch philosopher and theologian, presents his ideas and principles on how to prepare and educate children effectively.

One of the most striking aspects of this book is Erasmus's emphasis on the importance of nurturing not only a child's intellect but also their character development. He argues that education should focus on instilling virtues such as humility, honesty, and moral integrity. Erasmus stresses that these qualities are fundamental for a child's personal growth and success in life, beyond mere accumulation of knowledge.

Throughout the book, Erasmus provides practical advice for parents, teachers, and tutors on how to create an optimal educational environment. He emphasizes the significance of gentle, patient guidance, encouraging educators to treat children with respect and kindness. Erasmus firmly believes that nurturing a loving and supportive relationship between teachers and students is crucial for effective learning.

Another aspect that stands out in this book is Erasmus's critique of the prevailing educational methods of his time. He argues against rote memorization and excessive corporal punishment, advocating instead for a more holistic and student-centered approach. Erasmus proposes the use of engaging and interactive teaching methods, tailoring education to the individual needs and abilities of each child. He argues that a one-size-fits-all approach often hinders a child's natural curiosity and passion for learning.

Moreover, Erasmus delves into the significance of physical activities and practical skills within the educational process. He believes that a well-rounded education should combine intellectual pursuits with physical exercises, arts, and vocational training. By nurturing both the mind and the body, Erasmus believes children can develop a balanced set of skills and talents that will serve them well in adulthood.

One of the book's strengths lies in Erasmus's ability to present his ideas with clarity and insight, making them accessible to a wide audience. Although written centuries ago, his perspectives on education remain relevant in today's world. The Education of Children serves as a timeless reminder that education is not just about imparting knowledge, but about shaping the whole person.

In conclusion, The Education of Children by Desiderius Erasmus is a remarkable book that offers a wealth of wisdom and invaluable insights into the art of education. Erasmus's approach to education goes beyond the surface of traditional pedagogy, offering a holistic perspective that emphasizes character development, individualized instruction, and a nurturing educational environment. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the philosophy and practice of education, providing invaluable guidance that still resonates in our modern world.

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[Transcriber's Note:

This text is intended for users whose text readers cannot use the "real" (Unicode/UTF 8) version of the file. Characters that could not be fully displayed have been "unpacked" and shown in brackets:

[en], [em] = e with overline [un], [um] = u with overline i with overline does not occur

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The text is based on scans of two different physical copies. In a few cases, the two versions have different spelling, or one has an error where the other does not. These are noted at the end of the file along with the general list of errors and an explanation of paragraph breaks.

Superscripts are shown with carets: w^t, y^e. All pilcrows ¶ in the body text were added by the transcriber (see endnotes).

The book was originally (1550) printed together with Richard Sherry's A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes . Since the two texts have no connection except that Sherry is assumed to be the translator, they have been made into separate e texts.]

¶ A treatise of Schemes & Tropes very profytable for the better vnderstanding of good authors, gathered out of the best Grammarians & Oratours by Rychard Sherry Lon doner.

Whervnto is added a declamacion, That chyldren euen strayt frõ their infancie should be well and gent ly broughte vp in learnynge... Continue reading book >>

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