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Egocentric Orbit   By:

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In John Cory's novel, a captivating blend of science fiction and existential introspection, readers are transported to a future where human emotions are revolutionized by an intriguing technology. Without the constraint of time, the narrative explores the profound effects this seemingly miraculous invention has on individuals and society at large.

Cory masterfully constructs a world that feels both familiar and foreign, introducing us to a cast of characters whose lives are forever altered by the Egocentric Orbit. Through the lens of this transformative technology, the author raises thought-provoking questions about identity, free will, and the true nature of human connection.

The protagonist, whose name remains undisclosed, becomes the embodiment of this exploration. As we accompany them on their journey, we witness the intricate dance between their heightened emotions, newfound powers, and the consequences they face. Cory delves deep into their psyche, deftly interweaving their internal struggles with the repercussions of their actions.

What sets "Egocentric Orbit" apart from other science fiction novels is the profound philosophical undercurrent that runs throughout the narrative. Cory challenges readers to reflect on the essence of humanity and the implications of tampering with the very fabric of our emotions. The author skillfully uses this futuristic tale to comment on contemporary issues, inviting us to question our own understanding of self and society.

The prose in this novel is elegant yet accessible, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the story's captivating premise. Cory's descriptions paint vivid imagery, making the futuristic settings and the characters' intricate emotional landscapes come alive in the mind's eye.

One minor drawback is the occasional pacing issue. At times, the intricate plot slows down, sacrificing momentum in favor of introspection. While essential to the novel's themes, these gradual passages may test the patience of some readers hoping for non-stop action. Nonetheless, the overarching philosophical depth compensates for these slower moments, making them essential to the overall narrative.

In conclusion, John Cory's "Egocentric Orbit" is a mesmerizing exploration of the human experience wrapped in a compelling science fiction package. Through its multifaceted characters, thought-provoking themes, and evocative prose, the novel challenges us to question our own role in shaping our emotions and the very fabric of our existence. Whether you're a fan of science fiction or philosophical musings, this book is sure to captivate and provoke deep contemplation long after the final page has been turned.

First Page:



It took a long time for human beings to accept that our little piece of meteoric rubble wasn't the exact and absolute center of the Universe. It does appear that way, doesn't it? It may not take so long for a spaceman to learn ...


Illustrated by Gardner

Near the end of his fifteenth orbit as Greenland slipped by noiselessly below, he made the routine measurements that tested the operation of his space capsule and checked the automatic instruments which would transmit their stored data to Earth on his next pass over Control. Everything normal; all mechanical devices were operating perfectly.

This information didn't surprise him, in fact, he really didn't even think about it. The previous orbits and the long simulated flights on Earth during training had made such checks routine and perfect results expected. The capsules were developed by exhaustive testing both on the ground and as empty satellites before entrusting them to carry animals and then the first human.

He returned to contemplation of the panorama passing below and above, although as he noted idly, above and below had lost some of their usual meaning. Since his capsule, like all heavenly bodies, was stable in position with respect to the entire universe and, thanks to Sir Isaac Newton and his laws, never changed, the Earth and the stars alternated over his head during each orbit... Continue reading book >>

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