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Epic and Romance Essays on Medieval Literature   By: (1855-1923)

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Epic and Romance Essays on Medieval Literature by W. P. Ker takes its readers on an insightful journey through the realms of medieval literature, specifically focusing on epic and romance. This collection of essays, written by esteemed scholar William Paton Ker, offers readers a comprehensive exploration of these two prominent genres, shedding light on their distinctive characteristics, themes, and historical contexts.

Ker’s expertise in the field is evident in the depth and precision with which he analyzes each literary work. The book presents a range of essays written over a span of several years, which allows readers to witness the evolution of Ker’s thoughts and ideas as he delves deeper into the subject matter. Each essay represents a careful dissection of a particular medieval work or theme, providing readers with an all-encompassing understanding of the genre.

One commendable aspect of Ker’s writing is his ability to engage the reader in a scholarly conversation while maintaining accessibility. He combines academic rigor with a lucid writing style, ensuring that readers, both novice and experienced in the field, can fully grasp the concepts he presents. Ker effortlessly guides readers through complex ideas, using clear language and thoughtful explanations to elucidate the nuances of each work.

Throughout the book, Ker explores various medieval literary masterpieces, such as Beowulf, The Song of Roland, and Arthurian legends. He dissects these texts, unraveling the intricate layers of symbolism, themes of heroism, and exploration of societal values. Ker’s perceptive analysis of these works brings to light their profound impact on literature, not only during medieval times but also in contemporary works influenced by these ancient narratives.

One of the strengths of this collection lies in Ker’s ability to provide readers with historical context. By diving into the political, social, and cultural milieu in which these works were produced, he enhances readers’ understanding of the stories' significance. Ker delves into the historical events and cultural shifts that influenced the creation of these narratives, effectively creating a richer reading experience.

Moreover, the cross-disciplinary approach adopted by Ker heightens the book’s appeal. The essays seamlessly draw upon various fields of study, including history, linguistics, and anthropology, to present a multifaceted analysis of medieval literature. This interdisciplinary perspective not only facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the texts but also emphasizes the enduring relevance of these works in shaping literature as a whole.

Though the book offers a comprehensive study of medieval literature, it does assume a certain level of familiarity with the texts under discussion. While this may limit its accessibility for general readers, it caters to those with a deep interest in the subject matter or students and scholars engaged in studying medieval literature.

In summary, Epic and Romance Essays on Medieval Literature by W. P. Ker stands as an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a profound understanding of the epic and romance genres in medieval literature. Ker’s eloquent writing style, thorough analysis, and interdisciplinary approach provide readers with a captivating exploration of these timeless works. Through this collection of essays, readers will undoubtedly develop a renewed appreciation for the rich tapestry that is medieval literature.

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This text employs some Anglo Saxon characters, such as the eth (Ð or ð, equivalent of "th") and the thorn (Þ or þ, also equivalent of "th"). These characters should display properly in most text viewers. The Anglo Saxon yogh (equivalent of "y," "g," or "gh") will display properly only if the user has the proper font. To maximize accessibility, the character "3" is used in this e text to represent the yogh, e.g., "3ong" (yong).


Essays on Medieval Literature



Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford Professor of English Literature in University College London

MacMillan and Co., Limited St. Martin's Street, London 1931 Copyright First Edition (8vo) 1896 Second Edition (Eversley Series) 1908 Reprinted (Crown 8vo) 1922, 1926, 1931

Printed in Great Britain By R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh


These essays are intended as a general description of some of the principal forms of narrative literature in the Middle Ages, and as a review of some of the more interesting works in each period. It is hardly necessary to say that the conclusion is one "in which nothing is concluded," and that whole tracts of literature have been barely touched on the English metrical romances, the Middle High German poems, the ballads, Northern and Southern which would require to be considered in any systematic treatment of this part of history... Continue reading book >>

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