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Eugene Aram   By: (1803-1873)

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Eugene Aram by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton is a captivating novel that takes the reader on a mysterious and thrilling journey through the life of its eponymous protagonist. Set in the 18th century, the story unfolds in a small village in Yorkshire, where Aram, a brilliant but enigmatic schoolmaster, finds himself entangled in a web of secrets and suspense.

The plot revolves around Aram's past, which he has desperately tried to keep buried in the shadows. As the narrative progresses, the author skillfully unravels the layers of Aram's character, exposing his inner demons and dark history. Through vivid descriptions and well-crafted dialogue, Bulwer-Lytton takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions, as they oscillate between sympathy for Aram's troubled soul and abhorrence for his horrific actions.

Bulwer-Lytton's writing style is rich and eloquent, painting a vivid picture of the rustic Yorkshire landscape and immersing the reader in the atmosphere of the era. The author also leaves no stone unturned in terms of historical accuracy, incorporating elements of the time period, including language, customs, and social hierarchies, which further enhance the authenticity of the story.

One of the novel's strongest aspects is its exploration of morality and human nature. As Aram's secret unravels, the reader is forced to question their own judgments and ponder the fine line between good and evil. This moral ambiguity adds depth to the narrative, making it more than just a story of crime and punishment.

However, the pacing of the story can be somewhat slow at times, especially during the exposition. Some readers may find themselves longing for a quicker progression of events, as the author takes ample time to lay the groundwork for the story's climax. Nonetheless, the intricacies of Aram's character and the well-developed supporting cast make up for this slight drawback.

Overall, Eugene Aram is a thought-provoking and meticulously crafted novel that delves into the darkest corners of the human psyche. Bulwer-Lytton's masterful storytelling, coupled with his attention to detail, heightens the reading experience and ensures that readers will be hooked from beginning to end. With its captivating plot, complex characters, and exploration of morality, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who dares to delve into Eugene Aram's twisted world.

First Page:



By Edward Bulwer Lytton


SIR, It has long been my ambition to add some humble tribute to the offerings laid upon the shrine of your genius. At each succeeding book that I have given to the world, I have paused to consider if it were worthy to be inscribed with your great name, and at each I have played the procrastinator, and hoped for that morrow of better desert which never came. But 'defluat amnis', the time runs on; and I am tired of waiting for the ford which the tides refuse. I seize, then, the present opportunity, not as the best, but as the only one I can be sure of commanding, to express that affectionate admiration with which you have inspired me in common with all your contemporaries, and which a French writer has not ungracefully termed "the happiest prerogative of genius." As a Poet and as a Novelist your fame has attained to that height in which praise has become superfluous; but in the character of the writer there seems to me a yet higher claim to veneration than in that of the writings. The example your genius sets us, who can emulate? The example your moderation bequeaths to us, who shall forget? That nature must indeed be gentle which has conciliated the envy that pursues intellectual greatness, and left without an enemy a man who has no living equal in renown... Continue reading book >>

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