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Every-Day Errors of Speech   By:

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Every-Day Errors of Speech by L. P. Meredith is a comprehensive guide that delves into the common mistakes people make while speaking. With insightful explanations and practical examples, the author aims to improve verbal communication by unraveling the linguistic pitfalls many fall into without even realizing it.

What stands out in Meredith's work is the clarity and simplicity with which complex linguistic concepts are presented. The book is accessible to readers of all backgrounds, whether they have a deep understanding of language or are just curious about improving their speech. Meredith's explanations are concise yet informative, ensuring that even those entirely unfamiliar with linguistic jargon can easily follow along. This makes Every-Day Errors of Speech an excellent resource for anyone looking to polish their verbal communication skills.

One of the book's strengths is its organization. Each chapter focuses on a specific error or set of errors commonly made in everyday conversation. The author diligently explains the origins of these errors, debunking popular misconceptions and myths along the way. This systematic approach allows readers to quickly identify the areas in which they may be making mistakes and find the corresponding section for guidance. It also enables readers to navigate the book with ease, revisiting sections as needed for reference.

Moreover, Meredith's book goes beyond merely pointing out errors. It offers practical suggestions and exercises to correct these mistakes and improve one's oral communication. By providing real-life examples and scenarios, the author demonstrates how to apply the newly learned concepts in various conversational contexts. This hands-on approach is highly valuable, as it allows readers to practice what they have learned and develop a better grasp of how to avoid common errors effectively.

While Every-Day Errors of Speech is undoubtedly informative and helpful, it could benefit from expanding its scope to address regional variations in language usage. Although the book makes an effort to remain unbiased and speaks to the general errors found in speech, it tends to lean toward a more standardized form of the language. Including examples and discussions on regional dialects and colloquialisms would enhance its inclusiveness and make it more relatable to a wider audience.

In conclusion, Every-Day Errors of Speech is a well-crafted resource that offers valuable insights into common linguistic pitfalls. Meredith's ability to explain complex concepts in a straightforward manner, coupled with practical exercises, makes it an excellent tool for anyone seeking to improve their verbal communication skills. Its only minor flaw lies in its limited perspective on regional language variations. Nonetheless, this book is highly recommended for those who want to refine their speech and communicate more effectively in everyday life.

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year, 1872, by L. P. MEREDITH, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


Damas. The Prince of Como does not understand his own language.

Melnotte. Not as you pronounce it: Who the deuce could?

It may be regarded as one of the commendable peculiarities of the English language that, despite provincialisms, vulgarisms, neglected education, foreign accent, and the various corrupting influences to which it is subjected, it may be understood wherever it is heard, whatever differences of distance or associations may have existed between the speaker and the listener, both claiming familiarity with it. Considering these influences and the arbitrariness of the orthoepical rules of the language, there has been expressed surprise that frequent degenerations into uncouth dialects or patois have not occurred. A decent regard for the common weal should cause gratification that such degenerations have not taken place, for were it not for the ability of our tongue to preserve its individuality against... Continue reading book >>

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