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Far from Home   By:

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Far from Home by J. A. Taylor is a thrilling adventure that takes readers on a captivating journey across a vast, mysterious universe. The story follows the plight of Sarah, a young woman from Earth who finds herself seemingly abandoned on an unknown planet after a devastating accident.

From the very first chapter, Taylor masterfully builds a vivid world filled with otherworldly creatures and stunning landscapes. The author's attention to detail is impeccable, as the descriptions of the lush forests, towering mountains, and vast oceans transport readers into Sarah's reality. The rich and imaginative world-building effortlessly pulls you into the story and leaves you yearning for more.

What sets this book apart is the way in which Taylor delves into Sarah's internal struggles and growth. As she battles her loneliness and fears, Sarah's resilience and determination shine through, making her an incredibly relatable and inspiring protagonist. It is through her eyes that we experience a multitude of emotions, as she juggles her need for survival with the longing to find her way back home.

The pacing of Far from Home is excellent, as the story moves briskly without sacrificing depth. Each chapter brings new challenges and unexpected twists, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The gripping action sequences are skillfully written, leaving you breathless and eager to uncover what happens next.

One aspect of the book that deserves special mention is Taylor's ability to create complex and multi-dimensional characters. The interaction between Sarah and the diverse cast of supporting characters is organic and authentic. Each character boasts their own unique personality traits, allowing the reader to connect with them on a deeper level. Their relationships, alliances, and conflicts add depth to the story and enhance the overall reading experience.

While the novel is undoubtedly action-packed, it also delves into thought-provoking themes. Far from Home explores the concepts of identity, belonging, and the human spirit's resilience. Through Sarah's journey, readers are prompted to contemplate what makes a place feel like home and the lengths one will go to find solace and a sense of belonging.

If there is one minor critique, it would be that some of the plot elements may feel somewhat predictable. However, Taylor's skilled storytelling and dynamic writing style compensate for this by keeping the reader engrossed and invested in the characters' fates.

In conclusion, Far from Home is an enthralling and captivating sci-fi adventure that successfully combines action, rich world-building, and complex character development. J. A. Taylor's compelling storytelling will have readers eagerly turning the pages, immersing themselves in Sarah's journey, and longing for the next installment. Whether you are a fan of science fiction or simply appreciate a well-crafted tale, this book is sure to leave an indelible mark on your imagination.

First Page:




Illustrated by Emsh

"Far" is strictly a relative term. Half a world away from home is, sometimes, no distance at all!

Someone must have talked over the fence because the newshounds were clamoring on the trail within an hour after it happened.

The harassed Controller had lived in an aura of "Restricteds," "Classifieds" and "Top Secrets" for so long it had become a mental conditioning and automatically hedged over information that had been public property for years via the popular technical mags; but in time they pried from him an admittance that the Station Service Lift rocket A. J. "Able Jake" Four had indeed failed to rendezvous with Space Station One, due at 9:16 Greenwich that morning.

The initial take off and ascent had gone to flight plan and the pilot, in the routine check back after entering free flight had reported no motor or control faults. At this point, unfortunately, a fault in the tracking radar transmitter had resulted in it losing contact with the target. The Controller did not, however, mention the defection of the hungover operator in fouling up the signal to the standby unit, or the consequent general confusion in the tracking network with no contact at all thereafter, and fervently hoped that gentlemen of the press were not too familiar with the organization of the tracking system... Continue reading book >>

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