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The Fern Lover's Companion A Guide for the Northeastern States and Canada   By: (1845-)

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[Illustration: A Fern Lover]

The Fern Lover's Companion

A Guide for the Northeastern States and Canada



"This world's no blot for us Nor blank; it means intensely and it means good To find its meaning is my meat and drink."



To Alice D. Clark, engraver of these illustrations, who has spared no pains to promote the artistic excellence of this work, and to encourage its progress, these pages are dedicated with the high regards of THE AUTHOR.


List of Illustrations Preface Introduction Key to Genera Classification of Ferns The Polypodies The Bracken Group: Bracken Cliff Brakes Rock Brake The Lip Ferns ( Cheilanthes ) The Cloak Fern ( Notholæna ) The Chain Ferns The Spleenworts: The Rock Spleenworts. Asplenium The Large Spleenworts. Athyrium Hart's Tongue and Walking Leaf The Shield Ferns: Christmas and Holly Fern Marsh Fern Tribe The Beech Ferns The Fragrant Fern The Wood Ferns The Bladder Ferns The Woodsias The Boulder Fern ( Dennstædtia ) Sensitive and Ostrich Ferns The Flowering Ferns ( Osmunda ) Curly Grass and Climbing Fern Adder's Tongue The Grape Ferns: Key to the Grape Fern Moonwort Little Grape Fern Lance leaved Grape Fern Matricary Fern Common Grape Fern Rattlesnake Fern Filmy Fern Noted Fern Authors Fern Literature Time List for Fruiting of Ferns Glossary Note: Meaning of Genus and Species Checklist


A Fern Lover Prothallium Diagram Pinnate Frond Bipinnate Frond Pinnatifid Frond Spore Cases Linen Tester Curly Grass. Schizæa Cinnamon Fern. Osmunda cinnamomea Sensitive Fern. Onoclea sensibilis Ostrich Fern. Onoclea Struthiopteris Interrupted Fern. Osmunda Claytoniana Climbing Fern. Lygodium Flowering Fern. Osmunda regalis spectabilis Adder's Tongue. Ophioglossum Grape Fern. Botrychium Polypody. Polypodium Beech Fern. Phegopteris Cloak Fern. Notholæna Filmy Fern. Trichomanes Bracken. Pteris Maidenhair. Adiantum Cliff Brake. Pellæa Lip Fern. Cheilanthes Rock Brake. Cryptogramma Chain Fern. Woodwardia Shield Fern. Polystichum Wood Fern. Aspidium Bladder Fern. Cystopteris Woodsia Hayscented Fern. Dennstædtia Hart's Tongue. Scolopendrium Walking Fern. Camptosorus Asplenium Type Athyrium Type Sporangia of the Five Families Indusium Common Polypody. Polypodium vulgare Sori of Polypody Polypody in mass (Greenwood) Gray Polypody. Polypodium incanum Brake. Bracken. Sterile Frond Bracken. Fertile Frond Bracken, var. pseudocaudata Spray of Maidenhair Sori of Maidenhair Maidenhair. Adiantum pedatum Alpine Maidenhair Venus Hair Fern. Adiantum capillus veneris Purple Cliff Brake. Pellæa atropurpurea Dense Cliff Brake. Cryptogramma densa Slender Cliff Brake. Cryptogramma Stelleri Parsley Fern. Cryptogramma acrostichoides Alabama Lip Fern. Cheilanthes alabamensis Hairy Lip Fern. Cheilanthes lanosa Slender Lip Fern. Cheilanthes Féei Pinnæ of Slender Lip Fern Powdery Cloak Fern. Notholæna dealbata Common Chain Fern. Woodwardia virginica Net veined Chain Fern. Woodwardia areolata The Spleenworts Pinnatifid Spleenwort. Asplenium pinnatifidum Scott's Spleenwort. Asplenium ebenoides Green Spleenwort. Asplenium viride Maidenhair Spleenwort. Asplenium Trichomanes Maidenhair Spleenwort. Asplenium Trichomanes (Fernery) Ebony Spleenwort. Asplenium platyneuron Bradley's Spleenwort. Asplenium Bradleyi Mountain Spleenwort. Asplenium montanum Rue Spleenwort. Asplenium Ruta muraria Rootstock of Lady Fern (Two parts) Sori of Lady Fern. Athyrium angustum Varieties of Lady Fern Lowland Lady Fern. Athyrium asplenioides Silvery Spleenwort. Athyrium acrostichoides Narrow leaved Spleenwort. Athyrium angustifolium Pinnæ and Sori of Athyrium angustifolium Sori of Scolopendrium vulgare Hart's Tongue. Scolopendrium vulgare Walking Fern. Camptosorus rhizophyllus Christmas Fern. Polystichum acrostichoides Varieties of Christmas Fern Braun's Holly Fern... Continue reading book >>

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