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Forbidden Fruit Luscious and exciting story and More forbidden fruit or Master Percy's progress in and beyond the domestic circle   By:

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Forbidden Fruit and More Forbidden Fruit, both written by Anonymous, are two intriguing and scandalous books that explore the boundaries of human desire and sexual liberation. Delving into the dark recesses of the domestic circle, these novels provide a voyeuristic glimpse into the private lives of individuals struggling to suppress their deepest yearnings.

Forbidden Fruit introduces readers to a cast of enigmatic characters whose lives are intertwined by their shared forbidden desires. From clandestine affairs to taboo relationships, the narrative is rife with sensuality and temptation. The author skillfully weaves a web of intrigue, gradually revealing the complex motivations and psychological turmoil that drive the characters to explore their forbidden passions. The reader becomes an unwilling accomplice, lured into a world where societal conventions are discarded, and the pursuit of pleasure reigns supreme.

In More Forbidden Fruit, the narrative continues along its lascivious path, delving deeper into the forbidden desires of its characters. Master Percy, the protagonist, embarks on a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening that takes him beyond the boundaries of the domestic circle. The author paints a vivid picture of Master Percy's progression, detailing his encounters with various individuals who challenge his preconceived notions of pleasure and intimacy. From salacious encounters with secret mistresses to encounters with prostitutes, his experiences push the boundaries of acceptability, blurring the line between forbidden and liberating.

Both novels share a common theme: the relentless pursuit of passion and the conflict between societal expectations and individual desires. The author's prose is enticing, evoking a sense of decadence and forbidden allure that captivates the readers' senses. Anonymous fearlessly explores the darker aspects of human nature, forcing readers to confront their own desires and question the social norms that govern their lives.

However, while these books may be enticing for some readers seeking an exploration of taboo subject matter, they are not without flaws. The characters often lack depth and development, serving merely as vessels for indulging in the narrative's explicit content. Additionally, the books' focus on sexual exploits may alienate readers looking for a more nuanced exploration of human desire.

In conclusion, Forbidden Fruit and More Forbidden Fruit offer a titillating journey into the realm of forbidden desires and sexual liberation. Anonymous pushes the boundaries of societal norms and invites readers to challenge their preconceived notions of morality and pleasure. While flawed in certain aspects, these novels will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on readers willing to indulge in the lurid and provocative world they present.

First Page:

[Transcriber's ntoe: Anonymous, Forbidden fruit luscious and exciting story and More forbidden fruit or Master Percy's progress in and beyond the domestic circle (1898)]

A classic Victorian erotic novel







in and beyond

the Domestic Circle



PREFACE My readers of Forbidden Fruit may wish to know the origin of the work. It was this way, whilst I was staying at an out of the way village on the Sussex coast, I used to take long solitary walks, and several times saw a very beautiful girl sitting on a secluded part of the downs, attentively reading what looked like a manuscript in a black cover. Naturally I concluded she was some very studious young lady trying to improve her leisure, as she did not appear anything like the frivolous novel about what she was so intent upon.

One day, on the same foot path, I picked up what I believed to be her manuscript book, and looking curiously at the contents, was surprised to find it was a tale of the grossest kind, scenes of love and lust depicted in the most realistic manner, with Prick, Cunt, Fuck and other things mentioned in the plainest language.

I sat down on the bank to enjoy this unexpected voluptuous treat, when suddenly I was startled by a breathless exclamation of: "That's my book! Oh, give it me back, Sir; I must have dropped it as I passed along here, a short time ago, and ran back to find it... Continue reading book >>

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