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Frauds and Follies of the Fathers A Review of the Worth of their Testimony to the Four Gospels   By:

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In Joseph Mazzini Wheeler's thought-provoking book, the author sheds light on the subject of religious texts, particularly the Four Gospels, in a manner that challenges conventional beliefs. With "Frauds and Follies of the Fathers: A Review of the Worth of their Testimony to the Four Gospels," Wheeler delves into an investigation of historical facts and presents a unique perspective that questions the authenticity and reliability of these religious texts.

The book challenges the reader to critically analyze the origins of the Four Gospels, urging them to question the credibility of the early Church Fathers who were instrumental in defining the canon of the New Testament. Wheeler provides a wealth of historical evidence to support his argument, delving into the backgrounds, motives, and biases of these influential figures.

The author's extensive research and attention to detail are evident throughout the book. Wheeler meticulously examines contradictions and discrepancies within the texts as well as historical inconsistencies, presenting them as evidence of potential manipulations and fabrications. Through a series of compelling arguments, he challenges the traditional understanding that the Four Gospels are historically accurate accounts.

Wheeler's writing style manages to strike a balance between academic rigor and readability, making complex concepts accessible to a wide range of readers. He presents his arguments in a logical and coherent manner, carefully guiding the reader through each point and counterpoint.

What sets this book apart is its thought-provoking nature. Wheeler stimulates the reader's intellectual curiosity, encouraging them to question long-held beliefs about religious texts. This is not a book designed to disprove or attack religious faith, but rather one that offers a fresh perspective and promotes critical thinking.

While the book's premise challenges established beliefs, it should be noted that it requires an open mind and a willingness to entertain alternate interpretations of religious history. It is not a light read or one to be taken lightly, as it deals with sensitive topics that may challenge the reader's personal beliefs.

In conclusion, "Frauds and Follies of the Fathers: A Review of the Worth of their Testimony to the Four Gospels" by Joseph Mazzini Wheeler is an intellectually stimulating and well-researched book that boldly challenges traditional beliefs about the authenticity and reliability of the Four Gospels. This thought-provoking work encourages readers to critically examine historical evidence and engage in a profound exploration of religious texts. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the author's conclusions, this book undoubtedly offers a fresh perspective and contributes to ongoing scholarly debates surrounding the origins and credibility of religious writings.

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A Review Of The Worth Of Their Testimony To The Four Gospels

By Joseph Mazzini Wheeler


To expose the delirium and delinquencies of a respected or even respectable body of men is always an ungracious, though it may not be an unnecessary, task. But when we are informed that rejection of certain supernatural stories means our condemnation here and damnation hereafter, we feel tempted to examine the kind of men who first accepted and promulgated those stories. The man who tells me I shall be damned if I do not believe in his theories or thaumaturgy may have many estimable qualities, but he must not be surprised if, disregarding these, I call attention to instances of his credulity. When, moreover, priests assume authority over conduct on the ground that their Church or their doctrines were God given, it becomes necessary to investigate how that Church and those doctrines were built up; and if we find superstitious fooleries and pious frauds mixed therein, it may do something to abate our confidence in priestly pretentions.

In regard to the Fathers, as to much else, the Catholic is the most consistent of all Christian Churches. The men who established the Church, and fixed what was and what was not Canonical Gospel, are surely entitled to some authority on the part of believers... Continue reading book >>

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