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From the Ball-Room to Hell   By:

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In "From the Ball-Room to Hell," Thomas A. Faulkner delves into a controversial topic that continues to spark debates even today. Through a historical lens combined with personal anecdotes and strong opinion, Faulkner analyzes the world of ballroom dancing with a critical eye, arguing for its detrimental effects on society.

One of the major strengths of this book is Faulkner's ability to engage the reader from the very beginning. Presented as a cautionary tale, the author's passionate writing style hooks the reader and encourages them to question their own views on ballroom dancing. He employs vivid descriptions and powerful language to convey his message, ensuring that his arguments remain clear and impactful.

What sets this book apart is the wealth of research Faulkner brings to the table. Throughout the chapters, readers are treated to a wide array of historical evidence, social commentary, and personal anecdotes that support his claims. Faulkner employs statistics, newspaper articles, and even excerpts from court cases, providing a multifaceted perspective on the consequences of ballroom dancing on society. This meticulous research lends credibility to his arguments and ensures readers are presented with a well-rounded analysis.

Additionally, Faulkner's personal experiences with ballroom dancing add a human touch to the narrative. His vivid descriptions and emotional anecdotes serve as compelling evidence, making readers empathize with his concerns. He does an excellent job of drawing readers in, allowing them to see the world he describes through his eyes.

However, it is worth noting that the book is not without its flaws. At times, the author's bias becomes evident, potentially alienating readers who do not share his views. While it is important to provide a strong argument, some may feel that the author's opinion overshadows the objective analysis they may have expected from this book.

Furthermore, some chapters may feel redundant as the author repeats key arguments and examples throughout the text. Although this repetition reinforces his stance, it may test the patience of some readers who crave a more streamlined and concise presentation of his ideas.

Overall, "From the Ball-Room to Hell" is a thought-provoking book that sheds light on the potential moral dangers surrounding ballroom dancing. Faulkner's passionate writing, extensive research, and personal touch make for a compelling read. While the author's bias and the occasional redundancy may detract from its overall impact, this book remains a valuable resource for those interested in exploring the historical and social context of ballroom dancing.

First Page:


Ball Room






Formerly Proprietor of the Los Angeles Dancing Academy and ex President of Dancing Masters' Association of the Pacific Coast.


57 Washington St., Room 16.


Copyright 1892




You will, my dear reader, find many very plain things between the two covers of this little book; things which will, perhaps, shock your modesty and probably disgust you altogether.

But if you find merely the reading of the facts disgusting, think how much more disgusting is the reality, and how essential that some one should portray the evil to the public in a manner impressive and not to be misunderstood.

I have numerous reasons for undertaking this work, chief among them, however, being because I have for many months, felt it to be a duty to my God, and to my fellow man. Nay, I may put it in a yet more concise form; and simply say, because of a sense of duty to my God, for I believe the two to be inseparable. As the green calyx of the rosebud holds within its embrace everything required to make up the perfect rose in all its beauty of form, texture, tint and perfume, so my duty to my God embraces my whole duty to my fellow man in all its beauty of kindness, love, and any help or warning I may be able to give, and if that duty shall lead me to speak out boldly and plainly a warning against the evil of a popular amusement, I will boldly and plainly speak, and leave the result with Him whose I am and whom I serve... Continue reading book >>

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