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The Ghost of Chatham; A Vision Dedicated to the House of Peers   By:

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The Ghost of Chatham; A Vision Dedicated to the House of Peers is a captivating piece of literature that delves into the realms of both history and the supernatural. Anonymous, the mysterious author behind this enthralling tale, has skillfully woven together a narrative that combines elements of the past with elements of the ethereal, creating a truly unique reading experience.

The story revolves around the ghostly apparition of Lord Chatham, a prominent figure from British history, who reappears in the House of Peers to deliver a powerful message. Through vivid descriptions and eloquent prose, the author brings the ghost to life, emphasizing his ethereal presence while maintaining an air of mystery.

One particularly notable aspect of this book is the seamless integration of historical events and characters into the fictional narrative. Anonymous provides a rich backdrop by drawing upon real events in British political history, showcasing their significance and their impact on the characters and their emotions. This blending of fact and fiction enhances the narrative's realism and provides a thought-provoking exploration of the political climate of the time.

Furthermore, the author's skillful use of symbolism adds depth and nuance to the overall narrative. The ghost of Lord Chatham, for example, not only serves as a representation of the past but also acts as a moral compass, offering wisdom and guidance to the House of Peers. This symbolism elevates the story beyond a mere ghostly encounter, infusing it with deeper philosophical and moral undertones.

While the book successfully combines history and the supernatural, it does have a tendency to become overly didactic at times. The author's passionate views on political matters are evident throughout the text, occasionally overshadowing the narrative itself. This may prove a little distracting for readers who are primarily interested in the ghostly element of the story.

Additionally, the lack of a clear resolution can leave the reader feeling somewhat unsatisfied. The narrative builds up tension and anticipation, but does not provide a definitive conclusion or clear direction for the characters. This ambiguity may either be seen as an artistic choice or a missed opportunity to fully capitalize on the potential of the story's premise.

Regardless of these minor shortcomings, The Ghost of Chatham; A Vision Dedicated to the House of Peers remains an intriguing and thought-provoking read. Anonymous has succeeded in crafting a tale that seamlessly blends history, the supernatural, and moral contemplations into a cohesive narrative. It is a book that will appeal to readers seeking a unique approach to historical fiction and those with an appetite for both the past and the paranormal.

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"Now a thing was secretly brought to me, and mine ear received a little thereof. A SPIRIT passed before my face." Job.




J. M'Creery, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane, London.


The following lines were written under the powerful impulse of feelings which appear to have been almost consentaneous with those of the whole British people. The national spirit has been rouzed against this cruel and unconstitutional attack upon the QUEEN, with pervasive ardour, which forcibly recalls the language of the Augustan poet:

"SPIRITUS intus alit, totamque infusa per ARTUS , MENS agitat MOLEM, et magno se corpore miscet ."

This irresistible movement has been one of LOYALTY, not of FACTION; of love and not of enmity towards the constitution. It is not disputed that factious men exist, who are ready to swell public tumult whenever it arises: but it is mere drivelling, for ministers and their adherents, to talk of " radicalism " and democracy on this occasion. They must know, if they consult the commonest sources of intelligence open to them, that detestation of "THE BILL OF PAINS AND PENALTIES" is rooted beyond all possibility of eradication in the breasts of an overwhelming majority of good men, and faithful subjects... Continue reading book >>

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