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Going Some   By: (1877-1949)

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Going Some by Rex Ellingwood Beach is a captivating adventure story that takes readers on an exhilarating journey through the world of horse racing. The novel revolves around the life of Tod Morgan, a young man with a passion for horses, who becomes embroiled in a high-stakes race that could change his life forever.

What makes Going Some so compelling is its detailed depiction of the horse racing scene in the early 20th century. Beach's vivid descriptions transport readers to the racetrack, allowing them to experience the atmosphere, smell the sweat of the horses, and feel the anticipation of the crowd. The author's extensive knowledge of the sport shines through, providing an authentic backdrop for the story.

Beyond its realistic portrayal of horse racing, Going Some explores themes of ambition, determination, and perseverance. Tod Morgan's unyielding drive to succeed in the face of numerous obstacles is relatable and inspiring. His journey from an inexperienced rider to a formidable jockey is both gripping and emotionally resonant, drawing readers into his struggles and triumphs.

The characters in the novel are well-developed and multifaceted. Each one has their own motivations and flaws, adding depth and complexity to the story. From Tod's enigmatic mentor, Deacon, to the ruthless and cunning racing tycoon, John Drake, the cast of characters keeps readers engaged and guessing about their true intentions.

Beach's prose is crisp and engaging, propelling the story forward at a fast pace. The dialogue is sharp and realistic, effectively conveying the emotions and personalities of the characters. The author's attention to detail, particularly in describing the various races, provides an immersive experience that will captivate horse racing enthusiasts and casual readers alike.

While the plot of Going Some occasionally veers into predictable territory, the strength of the characters and the author's skillful storytelling make up for any formulaic elements. The novel's underlying message of perseverance and the pursuit of one's dreams is timeless and relatable, reminding readers of the importance of staying true to oneself amidst pressure and adversity.

In conclusion, Going Some is a thrilling and engrossing tale that immerses readers in the thrilling world of horse racing. Rex Ellingwood Beach's expertise in the subject matter, combined with memorable characters and a compelling narrative, make this novel a must-read for anyone who enjoys sports-themed fiction or engaging adventure stories.

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Four cowboys inclined their bodies over the barbed wire fence which marked the dividing line between the Centipede Ranch and their own, staring mournfully into a summer night such as only the far southwestern country knows. Big yellow stars hung thick and low so low that it seemed they might almost be plucked by an upstretched hand and a silent air blew across thousands of open miles of land lying crisp and fragrant under the velvet dark.

And as the four inclined their bodies, they inclined also their ears, after the strained manner of listeners who feel anguish at what they hear. A voice, shrill and human, pierced the night like a needle, then, with a wail of a tortured soul, died away amid discordant raspings: the voice of a phonograph. It was their own, or had been until one overconfident day, when the Flying Heart Ranch had risked it as a wager in a foot race with the neighboring Centipede, and their own man had been too slow. As it had been their pride, it remained their disgrace. Dearly had they loved, and dearly lost it. It meant something that looked like honor, and though there were ten thousand thousand phonographs, in all the world there was not one that could take its place... Continue reading book >>

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