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Gudrid the Fair A Tale of the Discovery of America   By: (1861-1923)

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Gudrid the Fair is a captivating historical novel that delves into the fascinating tale of the discovery of America. Written by Maurice Henry Hewlett, the book manages to transport readers back in time with its vivid descriptions, compelling characters, and a gripping plot.

Set during the time of the Vikings, the story revolves around the life of Gudrid, a remarkable woman who defies societal expectations to pursue her dreams. Hewlett paints a vivid picture of the Viking age, skillfully weaving historical events into the narrative. The author's attention to detail is truly commendable, making the reader feel fully immersed in the sights, sounds, and customs of the time.

One of the standout aspects of this novel is the character development. Gudrid herself is a complex and resilient protagonist, inspiring readers with her determination and unwavering spirit. She defies the traditional roles assigned to women in that era, which adds a layer of depth to her character. Supporting characters such as Thorfinn Karlsefni and Leif Erikson are also well-rounded, each with their own ambitions and motivations.

Hewlett's prose is elegant and evocative, effortlessly transporting readers to both the harsh Viking world and the unknown shores of Vinland. His descriptions of the landscape are particularly enchanting, enabling readers to visualize the sprawling forests and rugged coastlines. Moreover, the author's ability to capture the essence of the Viking culture, including their values, beliefs, and practices, is remarkable.

The pacing of Gudrid the Fair is well-structured, balancing moments of calm introspection with thrilling action sequences. The narrative flows smoothly, ensuring that the reader remains engaged from start to finish. Hewlett's storytelling is gripping, with unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader eagerly flipping pages.

While the book primarily focuses on Gudrid's personal journey, it also explores broader themes such as exploration, love, and destiny. Hewlett skillfully intertwines these themes, weaving them seamlessly into the plot. Furthermore, his exploration of the clash between different cultures and belief systems adds layers of complexity to the story.

If there is one minor drawback, it would be that the pacing slows down in certain sections, particularly during the middle portion of the book. However, this does little to diminish the overall appeal and enjoyment of the novel.

In conclusion, Gudrid the Fair is a gripping historical tale that successfully immerses readers in the Viking age. Maurice Henry Hewlett's meticulous research and engaging storytelling combine to create an unforgettable narrative. Whether you have a passion for history or simply love a well-crafted tale, this book will undoubtedly captivate your imagination until the very last page.

First Page:


A Tale of the Discovery of America



Author of

"The Forest Lovers," "The Life and Death of Richard Yea and Nay," "Love and Lucy," etc.




Copyright, 1918,

By Dodd, Mead and Company, Inc.


This tale is founded upon two sagas, which have been translated literally and without attempt to accord their discrepancies by York Powell and Vigfussen in their invaluable Origines Icelandicae . As well as those versions I have had another authority to help me, in Laing's Sea Kings of Norway . I have blent the two accounts into one, and put forward the result with this word of explanation, which I hope will justify me in the treatment I have given them.

I don't forget that a "saga" is history, and that these sagas in particular furnish an account of the first discovery of America, no less a thing. Nevertheless, while I have been scrupulous in leaving the related facts as I found them, I have not hesitated to dwell upon the humanity in the tales, and to develop that as seemed fitting. I don't think that I have put anything into the relation which is not implied in the few words accorded me by the text. I believe that everything I give Gudrid and Freydis, Karlsefne and Leif and Eric Red to say or to do can be made out from hints, which I have made it my business to interpret... Continue reading book >>

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