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Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs   By:

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Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs by Angus Duncan Webster is an enlightening and comprehensive guide that delves into the world of ornamental plants with a particular focus on trees and shrubs. Webster, a seasoned horticulturist, presents a wealth of knowledge and expertise within these pages, making it an invaluable resource for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.

One of the standout features of this book is its organization. Webster has structured the content in a logical and user-friendly manner, making it easy to navigate through different sections. Starting with an introduction to ornamental plants, the author proceeds to categorize various species based on their specific growing conditions, flowering periods, and unique characteristics.

Webster's writing style is both engaging and accessible. He seamlessly combines scientific information with practical advice, ensuring that readers can easily comprehend even the more complex concepts. Despite its extensive and detailed content, the book never comes across as daunting or overwhelming. Instead, it feels like a passionate conversation with a knowledgeable gardener who is eager to share their wisdom.

The inclusion of stunning color photographs throughout the book is a true highlight. Each tree and shrub is beautifully captured, showcasing their unique features and splendor. These visuals not only make the reading experience more enjoyable, but they also serve as a helpful reference for identifying different species.

Furthermore, Webster goes beyond simply describing the plants— he provides valuable guidance on cultivation techniques, soil preparation, and pruning. This practical advice ensures that readers can confidently care for and nurture their chosen ornamental plants, regardless of their level of gardening expertise.

The comprehensive plant directory included in the book is a treasure trove of information. It covers an extensive range of tree and shrub species, detailing their characteristics, ideal growing conditions, and potential uses in landscaping. This directory serves as a valuable reference guide, allowing readers to make informed decisions when selecting plants for their own gardens.

However, one minor drawback of the book is its limited coverage of non-hardy ornamental flowering trees and shrubs. While this may have been a deliberate choice to focus solely on hardy varieties, it would have been beneficial to explore the wider realm of ornamental plants to cater to a broader audience.

Overall, Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs is a must-have resource for any enthusiast looking to enhance their garden with captivating and enduring plantings. With its well-structured content, insightful guidance, and stunning visuals, Angus Duncan Webster's book successfully captures the essence of these exceptional ornamental plants. Whether you are a novice gardener or a seasoned professional, this book is bound to inspire, inform, and elevate your gardening experience.

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Author of "Practical Forestry," "Hardy Coniferous Trees," "British Orchids," &c., &c.



This book has been written and is published with the distinct object in view of bringing home to the minds of planters of Hardy Trees and Shrubs, the fact that the monotonous repetition, in at least nine tenths of our Parks and Gardens, of such Trees as the Elm, the Lime, and the Oak, and such Shrubs as the Cherry Laurel and the Privet, is neither necessary nor desirable. There is quite a host of choice and beautiful flowering species, which, though at present not generally known are yet perfectly hardy, of the simplest culture, and equally well adapted for the ornamentation of our Public and Private Parks and Gardens.

Of late years, with the marked decline in the cultivation of Coniferous Trees, many of which are ill adapted for the climate of this country, the interest in our lovely flowering Trees and Shrubs has been greatly revived. This fact has been well exemplified in the numerous enquiries after these subjects, and the space devoted to their description and modes of cultivation in the Horticultural Press.

In the hope, too, of helping to establish a much desired standard of nomenclature, I have followed the generic names adopted by the authors of The Genera Plantarum , and the specific names and orthography, as far as I have been able, of the Index Kewensis ; and where possible I have given the synonyms, the date of introduction, and the native country... Continue reading book >>

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