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Heist Job on Thizar   By: (1927-1987)

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In "Heist Job on Thizar" by Randall Garrett, readers are plunged into the heart of an interplanetary adventure where crime and cunning take center stage. Set in the distant future, the story unfolds on the vibrant planet of Thizar, a hub of luxury and excess. With a strong ensemble cast and a heist narrative, Garrett successfully combines elements of science fiction, mystery, and suspense to create a captivating read.

The novel introduces us to a motley crew of characters, each with their own unique set of skills and motivations. From the charismatic and resourceful con artist Trent to the brilliant but socially awkward computer genius Ada, Garrett's characterizations are well-drawn and multi-dimensional. The interactions and relationships between the characters are both entertaining and believable, adding depth to the story.

What elevates "Heist Job on Thizar" beyond a simple heist story is the expertly crafted world-building. Garrett paints a vivid picture of Thizar, with its sprawling cities, advanced technology, and vibrant criminal underworld. The attention to detail in describing the various locales and the intricate workings of the society heightens the sense of immersion for readers, making Thizar feel like a real and lived-in place.

The plot itself is a fast-paced and intricately woven tapestry of suspense and intrigue. As the crew plans a daring heist on one of Thizar's most secure facilities, readers are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning pages to see how each step of the plan unfolds. Garrett expertly incorporates unexpected twists and turns that keep the story fresh and unpredictable, building tension and suspense throughout.

One of the highlights of the book is the author's keen sense of humor. The dialogue is laced with witty banter and snappy comebacks, which provide moments of levity amidst the intense action. The humor also serves to humanize the characters, allowing readers to connect with them on a more emotional level.

If there is one area where "Heist Job on Thizar" falls slightly short, it is in the pacing. At times, the narrative could benefit from a more balanced rhythm, as certain scenes or descriptions tend to linger longer than necessary. However, this minor flaw does not detract significantly from the overall enjoyment of the story.

In conclusion, "Heist Job on Thizar" is a thrilling and entertaining read that will keep fans of science fiction and heist stories engaged from beginning to end. Randall Garrett's skillful storytelling, well-developed characters, and imaginative world-building all contribute to a highly satisfying experience. Whether you are an avid fan of the genre or simply seeking an exciting escape, this book is well worth your attention.

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In the future, we may discover new planets; our ships may rocket to new worlds; robots may be smarter than people. But we'll still have slick characters willing and able to turn a fast buck even though they have to be smarter than Einstein to do it.

Anson Drake sat quietly in the Flamebird Room of the Royal Gandyll Hotel, listening to the alien, but soothing strains of the native orchestra and sipping a drink. He knew perfectly well that he had no business displaying himself in public on the planet Thizar; there were influential Thizarians who held no love for a certain Earthman named Anson Drake.

It didn't particularly bother Drake; life was danger and danger was life to him, and Anson Drake was known on half a hundred planets as a man who could take care of himself.

Even so, he wouldn't have bothered to come if it had not been for the fact that Viron Belgezad was a pompous braggart.

Belgezad had already suffered at the hands of Anson Drake. Some years before, a narcotics gang had been smashed high, wide, and handsome on Thizar. Three men had died from an overdose of their own thionite drug, and fifty thousand credits of illicit gain had vanished into nowhere. The Thizarian police didn't know who had done the job, and they didn't know who had financed the ring... Continue reading book >>

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