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Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life.   By: (1772-1834)

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge delves into the intriguing world of metaphysics and philosophy in his thought-provoking work, "Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life." With his eloquent prose and profound insights, Coleridge invites readers to ponder the nature of human existence and its connection to the eternal mysteries of the universe.

Throughout this engaging book, Coleridge skillfully weaves together various disciplines, tackling questions that have puzzled humanity for centuries. He explores the intricacies of life itself, taking us on a journey where science, philosophy, and spirituality converge. As we navigate through his ideas, Coleridge encourages us to question our preconceived notions, inviting us to embrace a more holistic understanding of life's enigmatic nature.

Coleridge's meticulous approach to unraveling the philosophical puzzle of life is evident in his meticulous research and analysis. He seamlessly references a diverse range of sources, drawing on the wisdom of ancient philosophers, scientific discoveries of his time, and his unique perspectives. His ability to synthesize these diverse ideas into a cohesive narrative is truly remarkable, allowing readers to fundamentally rethink their understanding of existence.

What sets Coleridge's work apart is his willingness to explore the realms of spirituality. He bridges the gap between the scientific and the metaphysical, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between the material and the divine. His exploration of the spiritual aspects of life does not adhere to any specific religious doctrine but rather urges readers to seek their own spiritual truth, transcending conventional boundaries.

One of the book's strengths lies in Coleridge's ability to make complex ideas accessible. Despite dealing with abstract concepts, his writing maintains a level of clarity that allows readers from various backgrounds to engage with his ideas. His vivid metaphors and analogies breathe life into his arguments, making them relatable and easy to grasp.

However, it is important to note that this work is not singularly focused on offering concrete answers. Instead, Coleridge encourages readers to embrace a state of inquiry, inspiring further exploration and introspection. Rather than seeking definitive conclusions, he implores us to participate in the ongoing journey towards a more comprehensive theory of life.

At times, Coleridge's writing can be quite dense, necessitating a focused and patient approach. Additionally, some readers may find themselves craving more practical applications or tangible solutions to the questions posed. However, this does not diminish the value of the work as a contemplative and enlightening piece of literature.

In "Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life," Samuel Taylor Coleridge presents an engaging and thought-provoking examination of the human experience. Through his eloquence and profound insights, he challenges readers to broaden their understanding of existence, urging them to embrace the beauty and mystery that lie at the heart of life itself. A must-read for those eager to embark on a reflective and intellectual journey.

First Page:

Hints Towards the Formation of a More Comprehensive Theory Of Life

by S. T. Coleridge

Edited by Seth B. Watson, M.D.

Of St. John's College,

And Formerly One of the Physicians to the Hospital at Oxford

Magna sunt opera Domini exquisita in omnes voluntates ejus.

London: John Churchill, Princes Street, Soho


C. and J. Adlard, Printers, Bartholomew Close


Preface. Physiology Of Life. The Nature Of Life. Advertisements. Footnotes


The Editor takes this opportunity of returning his best acknowledgments to Sir JOHN STODDART, LL.D., to the Rev. JAMES GILLMAN, Incumbent of Trinity, Lambeth, and to HENRY LEE, Esq., Assistant Surgeon to King's College Hospital, for their great kindness, in regard to this publication.

16, Norfolk Street, Park Lane.


The accompanying pages contain the unfinished Sketch of a Theory of Life by S. T. Coleridge. Everything that fell from the pen of that extraordinary man bore latent, as well as more obvious indications of genius, and of its inseparable concomitant originality. To this general remark the present Essay is far from forming an exception... Continue reading book >>

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