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The Inca of Perusalem   By: (1856-1950)

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"The Inca of Perusalem" is a captivating play written by the talented playwright Bernard Shaw. Set in the fictional city of Perusalem, the narrative takes readers on a satirical journey through the realms of politics, power, and human flaws.

Shaw demonstrates his skillful use of language and wit throughout the play, offering readers a thought-provoking exploration of societal hierarchies. The characters are defined by their quirks and idiosyncrasies, each representing a distinct social class or political ideology. Shaw's mastery in creating well-rounded characters allows readers to connect with and understand their motivations, even in the midst of their absurdities.

The plot revolves around the Inca, a foreign ruler who is summoned to Perusalem to claim his inheritance. However, instead of adhering to the expectations of becoming a puppet leader, the Inca challenges the established norms and exposes the hypocrisy of the ruling elite. Through scathing dialogue and clever staging, Shaw adeptly satirizes those in power, shedding light on their greed, incompetence, and self-interest.

Shaw presents a compelling critique of political systems, pondering over the nature of democracy and the consequences of tyranny. The Inca's rebellion against the tyrannical rulers serves as a catalyst for reflection on societal structures and the possibility of true equality.

Notably, Shaw's play intertwines comedy with social commentary, resulting in an engaging and thought-provoking experience for readers. The witty dialogue keeps the audience engaged while expertly broaching deeper themes. The portrayal of political figures as bumbling and corrupt provides a humorous lens through which to view the flaws inherent in systems of power.

Although "The Inca of Perusalem" was written more than a century ago, its message remains relevant today. Shaw's sharp observations on political manipulations and societal inequalities resonate in an era where power imbalances and corruption persist.

In conclusion, "The Inca of Perusalem" is an intellectually stimulating play that provides both entertainment and insight into the flaws of political systems. Shaw's satirical genius shines through his witty dialogue, clever characterization, and astute social commentary. This thought-provoking exploration of power dynamics will leave readers questioning the very foundations of societal order.

First Page:


By George Bernard Shaw

I must remind the reader that this playlet was written when its principal character, far from being a fallen foe and virtually a prisoner in our victorious hands, was still the Caesar whose legions we were resisting with our hearts in our mouths. Many were so horribly afraid of him that they could not forgive me for not being afraid of him: I seemed to be trifling heartlessly with a deadly peril. I knew better; and I have represented Caesar as knowing better himself. But it was one of the quaintnesses of popular feeling during the war that anyone who breathed the slightest doubt of the absolute perfection of German organization, the Machiavellian depth of German diplomacy, the omniscience of German science, the equipment of every German with a complete philosophy of history, and the consequent hopelessness of overcoming so magnificently accomplished an enemy except by the sacrifice of every recreative activity to incessant and vehement war work, including a heartbreaking mass of fussing and cadging and bluffing that did nothing but waste our energies and tire our resolution, was called a pro German.

Now that this is all over, and the upshot of the fighting has shown that we could quite well have afforded to laugh at the doomed Inca, I am in another difficulty... Continue reading book >>

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