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Jeremiah : Being The Baird Lecture for 1922   By: (1856-1942)

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Jeremiah: Being The Baird Lecture for 1922 by George Adam Smith is a seminal work that delves into the life, teachings, and prophetic messages of one of the most significant figures in biblical history. Smith's eloquent exploration of the enigmatic prophet Jeremiah offers readers a deep and comprehensive understanding of this complex personality and his role in shaping ancient Israelite society.

One of the book's most compelling aspects is Smith's meticulous research, evident throughout his vivid portrayal of Jeremiah's life. The author seamlessly weaves together historical accounts, scriptural passages, and archaeological evidence to present a nuanced and comprehensive picture of the prophet's times. Through rigorous examination and analysis, Smith enables readers to better comprehend the broader political, social, and religious forces at play during the biblical era.

Smith's prose is captivating, drawing readers into the tumultuous world of Jeremiah and making his story practically leap off the page. The author's vivid descriptions and attention to detail bring the historical and cultural backdrop to life, immersing readers in the customs, rituals, and conflicts of ancient Israel. This compelling storytelling style ensures that even the most intricate details of Jeremiah's life and prophecies are accessible to both biblical scholars and general readers alike.

Furthermore, Smith's analysis of Jeremiah's role as a prophet is thought-provoking and insightful. He delves into the complexities of Jeremiah's divine calling, acknowledging the prophet's struggles, doubts, and inner torment. Smith's exploration of the emotional and psychological aspects of Jeremiah's prophetic experience adds a depth of understanding that few scholarly works achieve.

It is worth highlighting the book's structure, which is well-organized and seamlessly guides readers through Jeremiah's life in a logical and chronological manner. Smith effortlessly transitions from discussing the prophet's upbringing to his role as a social critic and advisor, enabling readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Jeremiah's prophetic mission evolved over time.

While Smith's scholarship is extraordinary, it may be a tad overwhelming for readers without a solid foundation in biblical studies. Some passages delve into detailed historical and cultural context that could require additional background knowledge to fully appreciate. However, this should not dissuade readers from the book, as the overall narrative remains engaging and accessible.

In conclusion, Jeremiah: Being The Baird Lecture for 1922 is a remarkable work by George Adam Smith that offers an in-depth exploration of one of the Bible's most influential and fascinating figures. Smith's meticulous research, eloquent prose, and insightful analysis combine to create a compelling and informative narrative. Whether reading for academic enrichment or personal spiritual growth, this book is an essential resource for anyone interested in understanding the life and teachings of Jeremiah, who remains a seminal figure in religious history.

First Page:


Being The Baird Lecture for 1922


George Adam Smith

New York

George H. Doran Company



Dedication. Preface. Preliminary. Lecture I. The Man And The Book. Lecture II. The Poet. Lecture III. The Prophet His Youth And His Call. Lecture IV. The Prophet In The Reign Of Josiah. 1. His Earliest Oracles. (II. 2 IV. 4.) 2. Oracles on the Scythians. (With some others: IV. 5 VI. 29.) 3. Jeremiah and Deuteronomy. (Chs. VII, VIII. 8, XI.) Lecture V. Under Jehoiakim. 1. From Megiddo to Carchemish, 608 605. 2. Parables. (XIII, XVIII XX, XXXV.) 3. Oracles on the Edge of Doom. (VII. 16 XVIII passim , XXII, XLV.) Lecture VI. To The End And After. 1. The Release of Hope. (XXIV, XXIX.) 2. Prophets and Prophets. (XXIII. 9 32, XXVII XXIX, etc.) 3. The Siege. (XXI, XXXII XXXIV, XXXVII, XXXVIII.) 4. And After. (XXX, XXXI, XXXIX XLIV.) Lecture VII. The Story Of His Soul. 1. Protest and Agony. (I, IV. 10, 19, VI. 11, XI. 18 XII. 6, XV. 10 XVI. 9, XVII. 14 18, XVIII. 18 23, XX. 7 18.) 2. Predestination. (I, XVIII, etc... Continue reading book >>

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